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RESPOND TO OSCAR, JAYSON, STEVEN, and LINDAOscar postThe Federal Airport Act of 1946 brought about a federal responsibility and participation in the further construction

RESPOND TO OSCAR, JAYSON, STEVEN, and LINDAOscar postThe Federal Airport Act of 1946 brought about a federal responsibility and participation in the further construction


Oscar post

The Federal Airport Act of 1946 brought about a federal responsibility and participation in the further construction of airports through the newly established Federal Aid Airport Program. The Federal Aid Airport Program provided annual funding of 75 million dollars for airport construction and improvement. Economic concentration is good in one way because it helped the economic development of a country to some extent, as the top business houses were able to attract foreign collaborations. On the other hand, it is claimed that concentration of economic power could lead to monopoly. With monopoly power in their hands, the industrialists may try to dictate the economic life of the consumers. Industrialists wielding economic power may also attempt to distort the economic progress of the country. Moreover, they may put down their numerous competitors who are comparatively smaller units who may prefer to merge with the big units or accept their control with a view to enjoying the same fruits. Another adverse consequence of growing concentration of economic power would be increasing uneven distribution of income and wealth which may lead to unnecessary social unrest. 

Jayson post

The Federal Airport Act of 1946 insisted on the federal responsibility and participation in constructing the airports through the Federal-aid program. “The Airport Improvement Program is a United States federal grant program that allotted funds to public-use airports to help improve safety and efficiency,” (Hoffmann, 2021). The first program authorized by the Federal Airport Act of 1946 was the Federal-aid program. This program provided federal investment which brought the development of civil aviation airports. The Act provided $500 million in grants for airport projects paid over seven years.

Economic Concentration is the extent to which a market shall be boosted up by manufacturers in the given industry. This is also helpful to measure the position of the organization in the market. The major causes of economic concentration are government policies, technological innovation, the role of commercial banks, etc. (Philippon, 2019). The disadvantage of concentration is that, when the concentration increases it results in weak productivity growth, decreasing investment rate, and less competitiveness. The advantage of economic concentration is, it improves the capital asset and earnings of the business. This capital can be used to implement technical development and implement innovation. Concentrating industries are more profitable by expanding their total sales, assets, and employment.

Steven post

Why the Accounts Payable clerk would need a new account named new Expenses already sounds suspicious. I would gather more new account information from the A/P clerk but not actually make the new account until I got clear confirmation from my supervisor. I would ask a supervisor if the practice of Accounts Payable clerks requesting “New” accounts is standard company practice. I would follow all company protocols when it comes to identifying and including new accounts. Knowing my job responsibilities and good work ethics will be the important factors while working well with others or conducting standard practices. In event there was malice conducted using the new account would lead back to the bookkeeper creating the account and linking company pay information to it. The accounts payable supervisor should be made aware that a new account request was made by an employee within their department if it is proven that the clerk had bad intentions for the account or was stepping out of their area of responsibility by directly requesting the new account from the new bookkeeper.

Linda post

Why do you think the A/P clerk needs the New Expenses account? What I should have done as a bookkeeper is to ask what will be charging to this account so I have documentation of what will go into this New Expenses report since by the end of the year, I would not remember what the costs, revenues and expenses are for if it’s not specified. It’s always best to have some kind of paper trail since there are too many transactions going in and out within a year.  

Who needs to know this information, and what action should you consider? At the end of the year, the big boss of the company would like to see the reports and have all the detailed information to what was being charged to each account. Therefore, back to the previous answer, I would ask the accounts payable to be more specific and put it all in emails. It’s also good for me to have documentation so I know if the charges are in the appropriate account.  

In response to Brogan and Bekki, explain why you agree or disagree with their points of view. Remember to be respectful as you post and respond to others.

Brogan post

Hi everyone! My name is Brogan and I am from West Michigan but have been living in Montana the past 4 years. My major is human services and I am hoping to focus more into advocacy work for domestic violence  and childhood trauma.  In the course i’m hoping to just learn science in general.  To be honest, science has never been my strongest subject so i’m hoping to just learn and make it through haha!  In my free time I love to craft, dance and play some spikeball!  I also am an avid traveler and want to visit everywhere! (Antartica being my next goal)

I think the natural science that might interest me the most would be biology and how it relates with psychology. Psychology is going to play a big part in my human services work as well as my focus on childhood trauma so i’m hoping to learn a lot with biology. Biology is everything we are made of and learning more about it will allow me to understand why people work they way they do and will help me in my human services career.  By understanding ones biology it can allow us to plan solutions to help people!

Rebecca post

My name is Bekki, I live in Maine and I am a later-in-life college student.  I am pursuing a Bachelor’s in Information Technology with a concentration in cybersecurity.  I currently work in retail, have for a very long time, and while I’m not sure exactly what I want to be “when I grow up”, I know that I need a change from retail!  This class is a required class, but I am looking forward to what I may learn from it.  I definitely am more interested in subjects within this course versus others that I have taken.  Of the list we were given, I am most interested in the natural science field of astronomy.  I have always been fascinated by celestial objects beyond our own planet and the phenomena of the universe.  This field is sort of related in a way to the issue that I chose to research, commercial nuclear energy, in that nuclear fusion (not fission) happens naturally in stars like the sun and we definitely benefit from this energy. 

Read and respond to Jessica and Valerri posts. Do their interests in writing align with your interests? Do you see any common themes regarding why people write? What does the diversity of preferred methods and styles say about the craft of writing as a whole?

Jessica post

My name is Jessica, I am a working mother of two boys and I am in my third year here at SNHU earning a Bachelors in psychology. I had never considered myself much of a writer before I started my college career. When I took my first English course I was overwhelmed and scared that I would not be able to organize my own thoughts into an informative paper, much less to have it make sense to my audience. But by the end of the course I had learned so much, and really started to enjoy writing. I chose this course as one of my elective classes because I want to learn how to put my own ideas and experiences on paper. 

Outside of school research papers I have not written anything else so this is my first shot at creative writing. I do love to read EVERYTHING! It really just depends on my mood and what catches my attention at the time, so its difficult to pinpoint what my favorite form or genre is. I am excited to see where this course takes us, and look forward to working with all of you!

Valerri post

my name is Valerri and I believe I have always been interested in creative writing. I grew up with a diary or a journal as my crutch for when life seemed to heavy. My mom taught me to write about it and release those feelings. It always seemed like such a relief to just leave those emotions on the page instead of fretting over them in my head. I write about anything, from dreams, to bad days, or even the good days. It makes me feel whole. Looking back at my writing has become very therapeutic and informative over the years. For example I am now 30 and when I look back at writing from when I was 25 or 20 my life and my voice have changed so much. Its crazy to compare what just a decade can do.

 I have never taken any writing classes or creative writing classes. I’ve spent the past year studying Criminal Justice and recently changed my degree to Creative Writing and English. I found writing is what I enjoy, and look forward to perfecting it in this course. Fiction and poetry are the sparkle in my eye. The idea of letting your heart do the writing and sending a personal message out to the audience is exciting to me. It’s as if you can let the world view itself through your own lens.

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