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ASU Sensation of Security Policing Discussion

ASU Sensation of Security Policing Discussion

Question Description

Please Read each discussion and respond to the student with proper citation and reference. 150+ words for each response.

DQ1- Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of a department adopting a community-oriented policing (COP) approach.

Community policing was initiated for departments such as LAPD and NYPD. This approach mended past troubled relationships with such agencies. The focus permitted the community and civil society to work together and to achieve the greater good for the neighborhood. They worked together in the effort to fight crime within the areas that needed more police presents. Community policing helped give the community a voice and their opinions were heard.

I do not feel that community policing has any type of weakness due to the nature of the project. However, one weakness could be discord between the community and the police when it comes to making decisions without the community’s consent. Other than that, I feel that community policing is an all-around positive program.

More, H. W., Vito, G. F., & Walsh, W. F. (2012). Organizational behavior and management in law enforcement (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. ISBN-13: 9780135071526

DQ2- Community of policing will give all the citizens a better control over their quality of life within their own community. Community policing also means that the police officers have to become a big part of their communities. This will also help to get the residents needs and the help of the residents to develop more trust within the police officers. The advantages of community policing, the police officers are always making new friends and later will have memories to look back on, you will never meet people that is so caring, and self-sacrificing of women and men all over. They’re bonding will go along with their sharing of danger and also making the trust, with all of the training, and circumstances, and all of the opportunities that the police officers has received and has achieved were always carry over for a lot of years within their careers. The friendships like police officers forms with all different kinds of coworkers such as firefighters,and the military. The disadvantages- when you start your career that is not looking good or gets new leadership that sucks, if you have to change agencies then your seniority will start all over again, lose friend at the start of a new career, shift, hours, weekends and Holidays, that you’re working. You will go to work every day asking yourself if you ever come home at night. One of the fastest advantages of community policing is to reduce fear within the community, with the increase within the communities and neighbors all of the residents feel more secure. With the residents feeling more secure will help the police officers to establish their trust within the community.

More, H. W., Vito, G. F., & Walsh, W. F. (2012). Organizational behavior and management in law enforcement (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. ISBN-13: 9780135071526

DQ3- Community policing is an alliance that is between the members of the community along with the police department. This is to help the community to reduce the citizens/ communities fears of crime, and also to improve the police in community relationships problems, and for the police officers to have more effectiveness of responses to the community and their problems. There are some drawbacks with community policing, the hostility that is always between the community and the police department will have a bad effect on the productive of partnerships, it will also increase the decision making of police officer and this can also lead to police corruption, and the resistance with the police and their organization can be harmful of community policing and their implementation. Effective crime and the crime rate will not get low because of the problems at the community/ Police Department has between each other. The relationship of the community and policing relations is supposed to improve instead it has declined because the communities do not feel safe around the police officers and talking to the officers also. And the Police Department needs to know how to implement the changes for the community so their community can start to feel safe again and gain the trust of the Police Department, so they can help to get their crime rate lower. The reason why the crime rate still hasn’t dropped to this day is because of the power struggle between the law enforcement and the community they both cannot come to an agreement and this is what is causing the trust issues between the law enforcement and the community members.

More, H. W., Vito, G. F., & Walsh, W. F. (2012). Organizational behavior and management in law enforcement (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. ISBN-13: 9780135071526

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