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BIOL 2401 UTSA Leukemia Blood Cancer Epidemiology Paper

BIOL 2401 UTSA Leukemia Blood Cancer Epidemiology Paper

Question Description

I’m studying for my Anatomy class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?


The topic chosen for your writing assignment should be a disease or abnormality that affects the system/body parts on which your group presents. A well written paper will include the following:


Write your paper as if your peers will read it and need to understand it. Use appropriate vocabulary and define or describe terms that would not be familiar to your peers while avoiding terminology that is below the expected level of college students in an A&P I course.

Types/Variations in the disease.

If there is there more than one “kind” of the disease you are covering, you must clearly state which one you are writing about. For example, if a student were to write about Hepatitis, they would need to include whether it is A, B, or C because the risk factors are very different.


Prevalence refers to how common a disease is.

Causes and risk factors

The causes and risk factors depend on the disease or abnormality you have chosen. Causes may include factors such as mutated genes, viruses, or bacteria. Risk factors include things that lead to the causes such as heredity, unprotected sex, exposure to chemicals, or gender. Please note these are examples and the causes and risk factors for the topic you have chosen may not be listed here.

Symptoms and diagnosis

Symptoms and diagnosis go together. Diagnosis begins by looking at symptoms and is confirmed with tests such as ultra-sounds, blood tests, x-rays, and other medical tests. Abdominal pain is an example of a symptom, but it could indicate many illnesses. An ultrasound might be done to attempt to diagnose the cause of the pain.


Treatment refers to the medical care the person receives. Include cost, availability and other factors that affect treatment.


Prognosis is the expected outcome of treatment. Prognosis includes the likelihood the patient will survive and if they will return to their normal life. Depending on your topic you may also need to discuss the prognosis if the patient declines treatment.


The paper must be a minimum of 1 1/2 pages long and a maximum or 2 1/2 pages. It must be double-spaced and written in 12-point Times New Roman.

The heading goes at the top of the first page of your paper but does not count in the minimum/maximum length for your paper. The heading is single spaced, centered and written as follows:

Title (Yes you need to write a title for your paper)

First and Last Name (Student ID #)

BIOL 2401.(Section letter for your lab)

Lab Instructor: (Your Lab Instructors Name)

Leave one line below the header and start the text of your double-spaced paper. This is where your minimum/maximum paper length begins.


Citations should be in APA style. You must use at least 2 citations within your writing, and they must be listed at the end of the document on a separate page titled “Literature Cited”. The literature cited page does not count toward your overall page length for the assignment. Cite information only from credible sources such as scientific journals. Do not cite a Wikipedia page. If you list a reference on this page, make sure you are also using and citing it within the body of your paper (in-text citation) every time you reference these sources. You must use in-text citations every time you make a statement of fact, provide a hypothesis that is not your own, conjecture based on an argument another person wrote, or use-in any way-another author’s intellectual property. You will most likely cite one paper multiple times in different sentences. A high plagiarism score will require you to re-do the paper for a 25% penalty on your grade. No previously used Topic Papers may be submitted as your topic paper. Your Safe assign Score will come up as 100%. This is defined as Self Plagiarism; you will receive a zero for this attempt and will be required to redo your paper with a 50% loss of credit.


There will be a 20% penalty for submitting your assignment late through SafeAssign, or the printed paper.

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