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BUSN 697 Central Texas College E Portfolio Discussion

BUSN 697 Central Texas College E Portfolio Discussion

Question Description

Need help with my Business question – I’m studying for my class.


This is a two part questions. First I will need the discussion question answer which will be below in bold, 250 words APA format. After that is completed I will extend the time and will need the discussion responses answered. For those response I will need three responses of at least 150 words each and each response should include a direct questions.

As discussed last week, Portfolium is the e-portfolio that we use. Here is another video on Portfolium. Portfoilum- Student Overview

E-portfolios are considered the authentic work-products of students and well-suited for self-assessment and peer-review (as a means of improving student learning). Why is this so, in your opinion? Why are e-portfolios more authentic representations of your work, for example, over a graded comprehensive exam or a thesis?

Student one:

E-portfolios are well-suited for self-assessment and peer-review because it gives a student the ability to showcase their work and review the work of their fellow classmates. In a classroom setting, an assignment is completed, and then submitted to the professor to be graded. Communication and interaction is between the student and the professor. However, in an e-portfolio setting, the student has the chance to see how other classmates conducted research, applied knowledge, and presented their ideas, thoughts, and interpretation of data. Reading through other work can offer new insight or bring new theories into another student’s mind. While reviewing work, you may find an entirely different approach to a research topic or question. Although a class may be “closed”, e-portfolios provide a platform where that class can continue through self-assessment and peer-review. Since e-portfolios are available for public viewing, there is greater pressure to ensure perfection. Self-assessments allow an individual to reflect on their work and identify their weaknesses and strengths. Reviewing the work of others allows you to help fellow classmates in improving their work. A viewpoint from another perspective can help catch errors, or point out great pieces of information. It’s a great tool that will benefit both parties.

E-portfolios are more authentic representations of work because they are original. In most classrooms, research topics are chosen by the student, as long as it relates to the class. This is a great way for students to show their mastery of a subject. A comprehensive exam requires studying. It does not necessarily give an indication of a subject’s knowledge, because information can be memorized and then forgotten once the exam is completed. A thesis is an enormous research project, but it is done as a requirement in completing a degree program. Gaining knowledge is a valuable tool, but when a program is completed, it is necessary and vital to prepare for employment and an environment outside of the classroom and university. E-portfolios allow work experience, achievements, certifications, and knowledge to be displayed, which is why it is a more authentic representation of work.

Student two:

One of the big things that I see portfolios having that is a better measure then comprehensive exams or a thesis is the fact that you can provide factual documentation of already previous work that was done by the student. It is not just a current measure of knowledge, like a test would indicate, but a continuous assessment of work that shows growth of even momentary accomplishments that had real affects. Sometimes theses are hypotheses that are researched and could be become facts or are disproven but with previous experiences and real world facts, a student can show previous work that was done with also shows the professors that the student have a complete grasp on the process that needs to happen or that did occur.

Additionally, if a thesis is done it can be added to a portfolio and is also easily viewed by any employer since that is the key benefit for a portfolio is the easy to which you can add and show employers your skills, abilities, products and how even how well rounded you are as a person by showing the added certifications, articles and awards that you received that you could not get from an exam or a thesis. I am not saying that a comprehensive exam or a thesis is not needed for every student but for many areas of work a portfolio is more beneficial and can assist students going into the working world and will definitely give them a step up compared to students who do not have a well updated portfolio at hand. Also, with portfolios being used more and more it is easier to network them to other people and areas to expand your networking ability and change or add to yours when you can view others to make yours even better, exams and theses can’t do that for you.

Student three:

Portolium (E-portfolios) are students authentic work-products that help a student improve their learning. This is because it gives the student a chance to showcase their work to both peers and potential employers. It also gives students a way to get their work critiqued and this will help because it shows students that not everyone writes the same or has the same opinion. E-portfolios are more authentic representations of my work because I of course went back over them re-read them. Then I edited them with both my own edits and the edits suggested to me by my professors. This shows that I took pride in my work that I wanted to make sure that my work was true and authentic. I do think that it does become harder when you were to use e-portfolios when there is a graded comprehensive or a thesis. The reason behind this is those types of work when it comes to exam’s is that this work would be harder to post because of the nature of academic integrity. Thesis’s though since they are the work of an individual would be able to get posted on an e-portfolio, because it is that person’s work and since they have the authored this work. In the end though no matter what you post on whatever website like Portfolium or LinkedIn it must be completely your own because you don’t want to post work that is someone else’s. Now, a days with all the different websites that are out there one has to be careful on what they want to post on the web.

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