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Carlos Albizu University Immigration Nation Film Analytical Review

Carlos Albizu University Immigration Nation Film Analytical Review

Question Description

Writing to Analyze-Film Analysis paper, minimum of 3 pages in MLA with works cited if applicable:

After watching your chosen documentary, you will write a rhetorical analysis paper on how the documentary makes an argument. What is rhetorical analysis? It is identifying, analysing, and reflecting on the effectiveness of the film in convincing its audience to support its argument despite if you agree with that argument or not. Did the film fail or succeed at supporting it’s argument?

Choose an argument that has implications for other people where there is an ethical issue or social issue. There is no one “right” argument. Some messages are more prominent within the documentary, the film argues multiple things and its purpose is to persuade, but you only need to choose one.

Please format your essay to include these parts:

Introduction Paragraph one in 3 parts: 1-hook, 2-introduce film by title in italics and the film background information, and 3-the thesis statement which consist of:

  • name an argument the film makes.
  • state whether the film is effective in getting you to agree with this argument?
  • Provide evidence (analysis) to your opinion through identifying rhetorical techniques used and what film elements were used to support those rhetorical techniques. These techniques provide the evidence as to why you think it was an effective or ineffective argument?
    • identifying which rhetorical techniques and film elements were used in each of your chosen scenes. (see below for review of these terms)
    • why are these strategies or film elements being used/what purpose do they serve?
    • discuss the bias in the documentary (point of view of the filmmakers for this scene, look for bias from all aspects of any person or organization within the scene).
    • how do you think the filmmakers wanted the audience to respond?
    • what evidence is there that the filmmaker was looking for this response?

Paragraph 2: Provide a brief summary of the movie without giving away the ending. Apply the B.M.E method (Beginning, Middle, End).

2 Body paragraphs-scene analysis: You pick and analyze 2 key scenes that help make the film’s argument you identified. First, have a topic sentence with a transition that relates to the argument and present the scene. Then describe the scene and analyse by:

  • Documentaries use so many different techniques; however, just focus on the following, below is a review of these meanings:
  • Pathos-to appeal to our emotions. The imagery is usually powerful and stays with us. Remember how you felt in the scene? The appeal to emotion through visuals is extremely important. It is important to keep in mind that when watching a documentary, there is an opinion and the images are there to further solidify the idea.
  • Ethosarguments based on character, credibility, and trustworthiness. However, in terms of a documentary consider: A character’s, the producer’s, or the director’s authority to comment on an issue/subject, and the way characters develop in the documentary. Question the motive behind making the documentary and decide if the stance is too radical or just right. Try and identify any bias in the making of the film, because documentaries are all about bias, it’s a movie about someone’s opinion after all.
  • LogosWithin the film, logos is established by creating a logical argument that audience can follow, and by using credible facts as evidence to show the claims are true.
  • Film element definitionWhat is the mood or tone of the documentary? Note how camera angles, lighting, music/background noise, special effects, narration/voice over, color/black and white, interviews, characters, live action, and/or editing contribute to creating an atmosphere in this documentary. Refer to our notes worksheet for further aspects of analysis

Conclusion/Reflection Paragraph:

What’s the importance of this argument? Think of the ethical issue and personal responsibility you have and to others. How does it make you feel? What’s at stake if viewers believe this argument? If they don’t believe it? Write a question to the filmmaker that is left unanswered by his/her documentary. Do you believe the question was left unanswered purposefully?Why or why not?

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