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Chestnut Hill College Web of Life Exploring Biodiversity Video Discussion

Chestnut Hill College Web of Life Exploring Biodiversity Video Discussion

Question Description

Part one Due 09-20-20

our assignment submission should contain proper grammar, be free of spelling errors, and reflect critical thinking.

Instructional Activity: Instructional video and response to related questions.

Subject Learning Outcome: Information Literacy, Communication, Critical and Creative Inquiry, Leadership and Collaboration.

Course Outcome Supported: Student will logically organize thoughts and ideas though the use of APA format (Typed, double-spaced, font size 12 and 2 full pages.)

Evidence support to be submitted: 2-page response for each assignment.

Part Two 09/21/20

  • Assignment #2 – read chapter 6 , discussion – Synthetic Biology and the Value of Life pages 125-127. Provide a written response to the questions on page 127 .

Part three

Review the attached short [~5 minute preview summary] video on air pollution[see below link]

2. Please note that the textbook , Chapter 5, page 105 :

> discusses moral standing (i.e. concerns questions of what things count morally)

> discusses carbon dioxide pollution (i.e. a type of air pollution.)

>that when we learn that some harmful effects of carbon dioxide pollution might not occur for generations, we extend our ethical concepts such as duties and rights , to include future generations. … We can identify the practice of extending moral standing to include future humans or to develop new human rights as anthropocentric extensionism.

>nonanthropocentric extensionism – gives moral standing to things other than human beings. Candidates for moral standing include animals , plants, and species ; natural objects such as mountains, rivers, and wilderness areas , and even the earth itself.

3. Based on the video and the above noted textbook material, in addressing air pollution should we practice anthropocentric extensionism ? nonanthropocentric extensionism ? Are we currently taking sufficient actions to address air pollution ? Please explain your response.

Web of life : exploring biodiversity

Author: WQED (Television station : Pittsburgh, Pa.); World Wildlife Fund.; Films for the Humanities (Firm)
Publisher: Princeton, NJ : Films for the Humanities, [1996], ©1995.
Edition/Format:  VHS video : VHS tape  Visual material : EnglishView all editions and formats

Explores the diversity of life on earth, the interconnections among species and the advantages of biodiversity. Includes discussions with ecotourists, scientists, photographers, sound engineers, musicians, and members of the Wild Lands Project. Ecosystems explored include the Amazon rain forest; the Chihuahuan Desert, Arizona; the Siskiyou National Forest, Oregon; Cedar Creek, Minnesota; the Berkshire Mountains, Read more…

Must have access to the text Text – Environmental Ethics (5th edition) By Joseph R. Desjardins [Text – Environmental Ethics (5th edition) By Joseph R. Desjardins [ISBN 978-1-133-04997-5].

  1. Explain what is meant by [as well as the importance] of the following: biodiversity, a web of life, keystone species and ecosystem. Also provide an example of each.
  2. The video mentions that we are slipping into an era of extinction caused by competition. Identify and discuss the 3 examples of competition.
  3. According to the textbook, altruism is motivation that is focused on the best interests of others (including future generations) and is contrasted with egoism, or motivation out of self-interest. From the video provide examples of altruism and egoism.
  4. According to the textbook, community-based conservation holds that any adequate protection of an ecosystem must be based within the local community and must address the social, economic and political needs of the local people. From the video, discuss how the Nepal project relates to community-based conservation.
  5. The video mentions that it is in our advantage as human beings to maintain nature and biodiversity. From the video provides an example why this is true.
  6. The video mentions that the wildlands project is all about the larger question of how we relate to nature (i.e. as an isolated piece where the rest is ours to play in – OR – recognize that we are part of a larger system. That we live within ecosystems and manage/protect their fundamental values. Is the latter possible? And if so, how do we create and sustain that relationship with nature?
  7. Discuss the importance of human diversity. How is human diversity and associated traditional knowledge being utilized in the development of the conservation strategy for the Papua New Guinea?
  8. Do you agree that technology has led to an incredible separation between humans and nature? Also, is it possible to leverage technology to connect humans and nature? Please explain.

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