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CIS 110 College of San Mateo Choosing the Right Computer Hardware Project

CIS 110 College of San Mateo Choosing the Right Computer Hardware Project

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Introduction to Computer and Information Science

Project 3 – Choosing the right computer hardware
For this project, read the following fictional case and complete the tasks listed below.Overview

Suppose that you have been asked by your friend, Dwayne, owner of Dwayne’s DigitalPhotography Services, to assist him in buying some hardware for his existing computersystem. Your assignment is to research 3 types of products for Dwayne’s studio. He takespictures with a high-end digital camera and saves them as computer files. He prints businessdocuments (letters and invoices for the most part) on a small black & white printer that healready owns. Since he wants to retain the digital rights of his images, he is planning only toprovide very high-quality, full-color “prints” for his clients using a large-format printer, onethat can print up to 17 inches wide. He wants your recommendation for what printer to buy.

He also wants your recommendation for a large-format, flatbed scanner. This should be ableto scan documents up to 17 inches wide and should not include a sheet feeder.

Of course, he wants to be able to work with a high-quality video monitor, too, so he wantsyou to recommend something that would serve his purposes and be compatible with hiscamera, the printer, and the scanner.

Dwayne wants you to give him a list of the above devices that you recommend for him tobuy, along with some explanation of why you are recommending those items. Of course, youmust always take budget into consideration. Dwayne, being a professional photographer, isnot interested in low-quality (i.e., cheap), all-in-one devices, so don’t recommend any. He isexpecting to pay between $1,500 and $3,000 total for the 3 items. He has asked you toprepare information on mid-range and high-end products that will fit his needs and budget.


Use your favorite search engine to research the devices you want to recommend. Create a listof the devices you think Dwayne should purchase for the photography studio, including thetype of monitor, the type of large-format printer, and the type of flatbed scanner. Includeinformation about manufacturers, models, and prices.

Use a word processing program to write a business letter Dwayne with your findings. Startthe letter with an “executive summary” that explains how much he should expect to pay forthe 3 products. Here is a sample of such a summary. For your project, don’t just copy thissample, but write your own words.


Bryce Martens
1700 W. Hillsdale Blvd.San Mateo, CA 92202

Dwayne’s Digital Photography ServicesAddress
City, State ZIP

Dear Dwayne,

Thank you for choosing me to recommend your computer equipment. This letter containsmy recommendations. Here is a summary of prices for the items you specified:

  •  The price for the mid-range printer is $xxx. The sales tax (at 9.25%) is $xxx andthe shipping charge is $xxx, which brings the total to $xxx.
  •  The price for the high-end printer is $xxx. The sales tax (at 9.25%) is $xxx andthe shipping charge is $xxx, which brings the total to $xxx.
  •  The price for the mid-range scanner is $xxx. The sales tax (at 9.25%) is $xxx andthe shipping charge is $xxx, which brings the total to $xxx.
  •  The price for the high-end scanner is $xxx. The sales tax (at 9.25%) is $xxx andthe shipping charge is $xxx, which brings the total to $xxx.
  •  The price for the mid-range video monitor is $xxx. The sales tax (at 9.25%) is$xxx and the shipping charge is $xxx, which brings the total to $xxx.
  •  The price for the high-end video monitor is $xxx. The sales tax (at 9.25%) is $xxxand the shipping charge is $xxx, which brings the total to $xxx.Thus, if you were to purchase all 3 mid-range products, you would pay a total of $x,xxx,and if you were to purchase the high-end products, you would pay a total of $x,xxx. Thisamount is for the hardware only and does not include the supplies like paper and ink(these are listed separately below). The hardware total falls within your budget range.Here are the details…For the next part of your letter to Dwayne, create a table that organizes your findings into 3columns. List the type of device in the first column in the table (i.e., printer, scanner, videomonitor).In the second column, list the name of the item, the manufacturer, the supplier, and some ofthe technical specifications about the product. Make 2 lines for each product – one for themid-range product and the other one for the high-end product. DO NOT SIMPLY CUT ANDPASTE THE SPECICATIONS FROM AN ADVERTISEMENT; USE YOUR OWNWORDS TO DESCBIBE EVERYTHING.

In the third column, list the price for the products including shipping and sales tax.

Important details

You’re not trying to “sell” Dwayne anything here, but he would like you to justify yourchoices. In the second column, include a short description explaining why you arerecommending the type of products that you listed.

While you are thinking about printers, keep in mind that Dwayne will need photo paper.Most paper for large format printers comes in a roll, rather than individual sheets. To getDwayne started, make a recommendation for a roll of 17-inch by 100 feet premium qualityphoto paper. Why would you recommend that kind and brand of paper? How much is itgoing to cost Dwayne for his initial roll of paper?

Suppose Dwayne wants to print using individual sheets of premium photo paper, rather thana roll. How much should he expect to pay for a box of 20 sheets? As above, why would yourecommend that kind and brand of paper?

It may be obvious, but Dwayne is also going to need a lot of ink. What ink would yourecommend? How much will he need to spend, and how often would he need to replace theink cartridges? On a high-quality printer, are the ink cartridges sold in individual colors, ordo all colors come in a single cartridge? Which is the best for Dwayne’s needs?

Keep in mind that there are a lot of choices here and that your recommendations aresubjective. Do your best to keep Dwayne’s technical and budgetary needs in mind asyou compile the list of mid-range and high-end products.

Expected project length: 2 to 3 pages, single spaced, 12-point Times New Roman. Rememberto include your name, the date, and the project number at the top of your project.

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