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CJ 540 SDSU BYU Cougars vs San Diego State Aztecs Direct Observation

CJ 540 SDSU BYU Cougars vs San Diego State Aztecs Direct Observation

Question Description

Deliverable 3: Direct Observation

For this assignment you are tasked with using the qualitative research method directobservation. Direct observation is a research method in which the researcher observes thesubject(s) in his or her usual environment without altering that environment. The researcher thentakes detailed field notes, which become the data for the study. Typically, you are trying to learnsomething about your subjects’ behaviors or actions in the context of the specific environmentyou are observing.

For this assignment, watch the directobservation:

• Watch this game and observe like you were sitting at the game. (

It is okay to make up your on things about the game and the behavior of the fans.

• Review the Chapters attached

You will be writing about this football game as if you were there at the game and observing it. I am a sdsu student and that was a home game.

Important: Remember that the sole purpose of your visit is to observe, not participate! Youshould be taking notes the entire time you are there. (For example you shouldn’t conduct yourobservation at a soccer game you are playing in, or a karaoke bar where you are going out withyour friends on a Friday night). You must be intentional that you are there only to observe.

Guidelines for conducting Direct Observation

1. Decide on a location from the list above. Make sure the location is a public place. Invasion ofprivacy is unacceptable. Please choose from the list of locations you have been given.

2. Set a timeline. You should plan on spending a minimum of one hour, but not longer than twohours observing. Make sure you plan your schedule so that you can do the observation at themost appropriate time given your location. You wouldn’t want to go to the beach on a cold,rainy night when no one is there. You want to be able to observe people!

3. Take notes! The more detailed and factual, the better. You can handwrite your notes while inthe field (if this is easier and makes you less conspicuous) but you should type up your notesas soon as you have the opportunity (usually right after leaving the field so the memories arefresh). Your notes can be written in the first person (e.g. I arrived at the restaurant and sat inthe far corner of the store at a table that was facing the center of the room. I saw a man with ared hat come in and sit down without ordering anything). Your notes should detail everythingyou observed related to your research goals, from the seemingly mundane to the moreinteresting/exciting. It is ok to note what you think is happening (e.g. “the man sat down atthe table and seemed angry at the woman who was with him”) but you shouldn’t add any ofyour own judgement into your field notes (e.g. “he had no right to be angry at her, she wasjust waiting for him”).

4. Be aware of your surroundings and be courteous to your subjects. In some situations, peoplemay not notice your presence, but if they ask questions, answer briefly, politely, and honestly.If they seem offended or annoyed, stop asking questions or leave the location. If you interviewanyone, you must get their informed consent (you won’t be doing this, just FYI). If anyonemakes you feel threatened or uneasy, leave immediately.

What to submit as Deliverable 3

1. You will submit your detailed field notes from your observation. Be sure to include thelocation you observed, date of the observation, your arrival time, departure time and allother details of what you observed while you were there.

2. Drawing on your field notes as your “data,” answer the following questions:a. What are the norms for behavior in this location?b. What happens when someone deviates from these norms?c. Who typically adhered to the norms?d. Who were the norm-breakers?

3. Finally, consider how YOU played a role in the research process. How did your personalexperience, perspective, opinions, or behaviors influence the things you paid attention to,and the way you interpreted your data? How did this “structured” observation differ from”everyday” observation? If you observed in the field, what did it feel like? Were youcomfortable or uncomfortable – why? Would you do anything differently next time?What did you learn from the experience?

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