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Client Proposal Social Media Strategy Plan World Wildlife Fund Presentation

Client Proposal Social Media Strategy Plan World Wildlife Fund Presentation

Question Description

This client proposal assignment asks you to identify the organizationthat will serve as the focus of your work for this semester. In thisassignment, you will identify the organization, justify your choice,analyze the organization’s social media use and begin conceptualizingpossible outcomes for your social media strategy plan.

You areencouraged to read the guidelines for the final assignment “social mediastrategy plan” before choosing your client. (I will upload the file)

Thereis no restriction on the organization that you choose. However, thefollowing suggestions should help lead to a more focused learningexperience, and better connection to the expectations of the finalstrategy assignment:

  • Choose an organization that you arepassionate about or interested in. You will be diving deep into theorganization’s communication work, and the experience will be moresatisfying if you choose an industry or organization of interest.
  • Youare welcome to choose an organization that you currently work for/with.Especially if you are involved in an organization’s social media work,you may find this course is a valuable opportunity to develop new andinterest content and strategies. Please seek the appropriate permissionbefore choosing your own organization.
  • The experience in thiscourse is generally more fulfilling if you choose an organization thatdoes have some, even if it is limited, social media presence. While thework in this course may inform efforts to start a social media presence,most activities generally assume some level of social media contentexists.
  • In the past students have chosen large nationalcompanies (Burt’s Bees) and small non-profits (Horton’s Kids), localschools, and global health campaigns. This is your class. Make thissomething you are interested in!

Please note: itwould be inappropriate to choose an organization for which you havealready created a social media plan in another course during youracademic career. Please use this course as an opportunity to broadenyour knowledge and to explore new opportunities.

Your work on thisproposal will allow you begin using terminology associated with socialmedia, to consider the relationship between an organization’s missionand its social activities, begin developing the elements of yourorganizations digital story, and begin strategizing the use of socialmedia for the purposes of achieving communications goals.

Yourproposal will be submitted in the form of a VoiceThread presentation, nomore than 10 minutes in length, with no more than 20 slides. Thespecific areas to cover in the proposal are discussed in detail in the“Directions” section of this assignment guide.


Createa presentation using Powerpoint (or other presentation software tool).Your presentation should address the following topics, in the followingorder:

  • Organization Details. Please share the name of theorganization you want to create a social media strategy for and provide alink to the organization’s website if applicable. Briefly describe thenature of the organization (it’s primary mission and organizationalstructure) and your interest/reasoning in choosing the organization. Ifyou have a personal relationship to the organization, please describethat relationship, including your access to/role in managing theorganization’s social/digital presence.
  • Organization’s “BusinessGoal(s).” Briefly describe one or more key goal you believe theorganization may want to try and accomplish through social media. Forexample, if I chose my University – one key goal right now is gettingprofessionals to enroll in the MBA program. Or, if I chose Burger King,maybe I would want to focus on the launch of a new kids meal. What doyou know about what the company/organization is working on that theymight want to focus on right now?
  • Organization’ssocial/digital platforms. Please describe the organization’s social anddigital communications. What platforms does the organization use tocommunicate with its audiences? Does the organization have a presence onLinkedIn? Instagram? Facebook? Etc? Generally, how is each platformused? You might choose to do this in the form of a table or list. Besure to include links to the organization’s social presence.
  • Publics/Consumers.Generally, who are the groups that the organization is trying to reachthrough their social media platforms? Are they audiences of fans? arethey consumers? Are they volunteers? Other businesses?
  • Storytelling/Messaging.What are the key messages that are shared through the organization’ssocial platforms? You may choose to organize your description by typesof messages, or choose some key examples that highlight the types ofstories that the organization shares.
  • Influencers. Does the organization have/use influencers to extend their social media reach? If so, who are those influencers?
  • Recentcampaigns/engagement. Identity the organization’s most recent socialmedia content. What has happened on the organization’s platforms in thepast 4 weeks?
  • Industry/Competitor observations. How does yourorganization compare to the social media use of its competitors? You maychoose the one primary competitor, or a broader field of organizations.
  • References

Learning about your organization:

Everyorganization is unique. In some instances, you may have to search backover many years in order to understand the social media landscape foryour organization. Your organization may have a strong social mediahistory or a very limited presence. Do a search of industry and newspublications and digital posts to identify any significant campaigns andreview your organization’s past posts to inform your analysis. Theorganization you choose should guide the content in your assignment.

Presentation Specifics

Your VoiceThread should include at least one slide where you record yourself on video (so that we can see your face).

YourVoiceThread presentation should be no more than 10 minutes in lengthand include no more than 20 slides of information (including your titleslide and references).

Your presentation slides should evidence ofeffective composition. Do not use your slides as a script. Instead,take time to create slides that visually enhance, organize, and showcasethe message in your presentation. Use infographics, color, images andstyle appropriate for a professional context.

Your presentation style should be professional, practiced, and show evidence of confidence and interest about the material.


  • Ifthis is your first VoiceThread presentation, review the guidelines forcreating, uploading and sharing a presentation in the VoiceThread CourseView area on the navigation menu.
  • If you created your presentation as a PowerPoint – save your PowerPoint as a PDF file and then upload it to VoiceThread (do not upload PowerPoint files directly to VoiceThread because they will look weird).
  • Practicecreating something small and then uploading it to VoiceThread to seehow your slides will “look” on screen. Occasionally you may find thatpresentation software you’ve chosen does not translate visually to theBlackboard site.
  • Be sure to share your presentation with the rest of the class.
  • Be sure to submit your presentation via the VoiceThread link on the navigation bar on Blackboard.


Scoring for this assignment is composed of three categories:

  • Accuratecompletion of all elements client proposal. For full credit in thisarea your presentation will not only accurately review all of therequired categories, it will do so by using specific examples from theorganization that you have chosen. 10 points possible
  • Evidenceof understanding the course concepts and application of the coursereadings. Where appropriate, your presentation will use the terminologywe’ve reviewed during our lesson weeks, and reference readings orexamples that help illuminate your description of the organization’ssocial presence. Your goal is to show that you are developing a sense ofhow the elements of an organization’s mission and message interact withits social media content. 5 points possible
  • Effectivepresentation. Your presentation content is thoughtfully prepared withattention to effective slide design including the use of infographicsand images to highlight information about your organization. Your slidesare audience-centered – this means they help illuminate your message,they are not your script for your presentation. Your presentation isprofessional and there is evidence of preparation and rehearsal. Yourpresentation is the appropriate length (slides/time) and references,when needed, are accurately formatted. 5 points possible

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