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College of Allegheny County Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Book Review

College of Allegheny County Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Book Review

Question Description

FARENHEIT 451: Short Paper PossibilitiesHere are some broad possibilities for how to focus a short essay onBradbury’s novel and/or the film:1) Themes and Issues: what themes or issues do you think Bradburyis introducing and asking readers to think about? What would beon your list? What do you think this novel is about? Could youcite passages from the novel that you think illustrate the themesor issues you see coming up in this novel? See if you can “make atrail of breadcrumbs” (trail of passages) for one or two of thethemes or issues you see at work in the novel. You mightwrite an essay that focuses on either one or more of thesethemes and which traces them through the novel through keypassages from it. You could also add in your critical thinkingresponse to the novel and its message(s)2) You can do the same process as above, but instead you can focuson the film. Instead of using text passages for evidence of yourpoint of view, you would describe scenes or aspects of the film,the ways in which the director and/or actors played out the issuesand themes in the film.3) You could write a paper that analyzes how the film compares tothe novel. Since there is a sixteen year period between thenovel’s publication and the film’s release, what do you make of howthe film portrayed the book? What do you see that is well donein the film, or what do you see as flaws in it when you compare itto the book?4) You could write an essay in which you celebrate FARENHEIT 451or you critically tear it apart (negatively). If you were doing areview of the book for an audience, what would you point outabout it that makes it worth reading? How would you convinceanyone to read the book? Or, if the opposite is true, whatspecifically would you complain/critique about it? What would youpoint to in the book to argue against reading it?5) Looking towards the last part of the novel, could you make a listof what books are chosen in the last few chapters by the “BookPeople” as worthy of reciting and “being/becoming?” Then, take alook at this list: what does it mean? What is Bradbury trying toconvey by choosing these particular books? Why would they bebooks that the future world of Farenheit 451 would want to holdonto? Why would our world want to?6) Would you want to live in a world like the one in F451? Why orwhy not? Could you live in a world without books? In a worldwhere all information taught to you and your children was decidedupon by government or a central societal authority? Are wealready there, do you think, with our love/addiction of/totechnology? Have we already moved past a world with books?Do you read? Why or why not? What’s your position on thiskey issue in F451? How does Bradbury fully portray this issuein the novel?7) If you lived in the world of F451, would you decide to be aFireman or part of the group in power, an ordinary citizen, or oneof the “Book People?” Why or why not? How does this novelspeak to you? If you chose to be one of the “Book People,” and Iasked you to limit yourself to a choice of five books or films (anydiscipline: humanities, science, math, social sciences, religion, pulpfiction, sci-fi, children’s literature, etc.), what would be the fivetexts you would choose to be if you chose to become one of the“Book People?” Be sure you can explain why you made thesechoices?8) Finally, FARENHEIT 451 is thought of as a significant sciencefiction tome—can you determine why it’s considered an importantbook? What would you point to in the novel to illustrate thisfor your audience? And what about its influence on books or filmsthat have come after it? What texts do you see F451’s influencein? And why is the book still read and discussed all these yearslater? Did Bradbury predict our society in his futuristic look atit in F451?You can choose any of these approaches, tailor them to your thoughtprocess, or you can come up with an original approach of your own.

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