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College of San Mateo Robert Koch Gallery 49 Geary St San Francisco Museum Report

College of San Mateo Robert Koch Gallery 49 Geary St San Francisco Museum Report

Question Description

Writing your Museum Report.

Describe the gallery name, title of exhibit, and the photographer; style– landscape, portrait,

size of prints, etc,

Interpret Why were the photos made? Are they political, describe environmental

conditions, are about light, beauty, etc

Evaluate Was the exhibit interesting? Did it make you think? How does it make you feel?


1.Your name, class meeting time, and the date you attended the museum name of artist

2. Title of work, artist’s name,

date of work, the medium used.

3.Select 1-3 photographs that “speak” to you

4. Clearly describe the scene in detail using your own words

5. Use all the formal elements (see below) we discussed in class.

6. BE CREATIVE in your presentation—make it personal

7. 1-2 pages printed on paper 700-900 words

8. Include some physical proof of your attendance : photo.

This paper is to be a mixture of discussion on vocabulary, formal elements, and an

incorporation of your personal reaction to the photography.

pretend that you’re describing

for a blind person.

Adjectives are important because they enable you to present a good

mental image of the artwork you are describing. The purpose of this paper is not only an

academic exercise, but it also enables you to use greater freedom of visual/verbal expression

in your reactions to a new way of seeing. Trust your instincts and feelings.


OF FORM LINE- What kind of lines are used? What do they express? (the mood/feeling that is

perhaps conveyed by a particular type of line)

SHAPE- Geometric or Organic

VALUE- Is there subtle shading or strong value contrasts? Does the lighting create a special

mood? Can you find the source of light? Is the light source real?

COLOR- Analogous, complementary, primary? Do the colors merely describe the subject

matter or do they create a mood/feeling? Are the colors intense or subdued?

TEXTURE What kind is used? Implied or actual. Is it rough and primitive? smooth and

sophisticated? velvety and sensual?

SPACE Does the artwork appear to have realistic three-dimensional space or does it appear

flat? Shallow or deep space? Traditional linear perspective or new angles of vision?


Robert Koch Gallery. 49 Geary St. San Francisco CA (415)421-0122

Steven Wirtz Gallery 49 Geary St San Francisco, CA 94108-5729 (415) 433-6879

Frankel Gallery 49 Geary St. San Francisco, CA (415) 981-2661

24 Pier Photography The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94105 Phone:

(415) 512-7424

SF Camerawork Art Gallery 1011 Market St, San Francisco, CA 941

Photo Essay Grading Rubric

The “A” paper: will comply with all parts of the assignment and contain minor errors

  • Photo analysisas an argument from the photographer’s perspective
  • Your interpretationof the photo in terms of your own argument/rhetorical stance
  • Argument/Rhetorical Stance(What, thematically does the photo depict? What is the message to the audience? How does the author use the photo as a piece of evidence? What is your interpretation of the argument? What is your particular argument in using this photo as a piece of evidence? How does it convey your point of view? How does the composition convey the argument? Issues of cropping, color, setting, backdrop)
  • Audience (Who is the intended audience?)
  • Purpose(What is the photo’s purpose? Is it overtly argumentative? Is it subtle?)
  • Word and Imagery(Caption? How does the image function with the verbal dialogue? Counterargument?)

The “B” paper: will demonstrate competence in the same categories as the “A” essay. The chief difference is that the “B” paper will show some describably slight weaknesses in one of those categories. One of the assigned tasks may be slighted, (for example: not enough analysis of a particular facet) show less facility of expression, or contain some minor grammatical, mechanical, or usage flaws.

The “C” paper: will complete all tasks set by the assignment, but show weaknesses in fundamentals, usually development, with only enough specific information to minimally support its thesis. The sentence construction may be less mature, and the use of language less effective and correct than the “B” paper.

The “D” paper: will neglect one of the assigned tasks and be noticeably superficial in its treatment of the assignment—that is, too simplistic and/or too short with little analysis. The essay may reveal some problems in logic and development, with insufficient specific information/evidence to support its point. There will be grammatical, mechanical, and/or usage errors that are serious and/or frequent enough to interfere with comprehension.

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