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Colorado State University Power Issues in A Partnership Essay

Colorado State University Power Issues in A Partnership Essay

Question Description

Scoria is a company that helps provide colleges and universities the tools needed to offer degree programs online. The firm’s basic package provides services like the learning management system (LMS), tech support for the system, and online application management. However, it also offers packages with marketing, recruitment specialists, student services specialists and at-risk student support, course-building assistance, textbook and materials management, and human resource services for adjuncts. Depending upon the services a university chooses, Scoria charges 30% to 80% of the revenues the university makes from each online student.

Scoria recently entered a partnership with Daily University, a fairly well-known private university in the southeastern United States. Daily wants to offer its MBA, master of education, and master of professional studies degrees online. The reason driving this decision is that there are many students in the state’s rural areas that want to earn a degree but live more than 60 miles from the campus and are not able to make the drive after work each night or want to give up their weekends in all-day intensive sessions. Daily decides to use the learning management and online teaching tools, course-building services, student recruitment and admission services, and textbook and materials management services. The contract is drawn up, and it is agreed that Scoria will receive 50% of the revenues generated from the students in the online program.

However, now that the contract is signed, a number of issues are arising that are causing Daily University and its faculty problems. Academic regulatory agencies require that courses be developed and taught by individuals with proper degree credentials. So in this partnership, Daily faculty develop the course content and send it to the team at Scoria that build the course in the LMS. Once the courses are built, Scoria does not allow changes to be made for causes like poor student feedback or changing book editions. So the faculty have the authority to develop their courses but lack the ability to make interesting changes to the courses based upon what they think is happening. This really bothers one faculty member, Dr. Kelly, who wants to pull in different current articles each week when she is teaching the course. However, she cannot do so, and Scoria is not willing to find a way to work around the current system to find a solution that would benefit both the faculty and students. Several other faculty members share Dr. Kelly’s desire.

But Daily University personnel are not the only ones having a hard time in this partnership. Scoria is providing recruitment and admission services for Daily by ensuring students have a complete application, including any test scores, before sending an application to Daily’s admission office. This is a benefit to Daily as then they are only processing complete applications. However, to the employees at Scoria that are working as admissions specialist, the process of application review by Daily is too long and frustrating for students and Scoria staff. The current process is for the admission team to review the application materials and transfer them to Daily’s system. The system then kicks the application to the dean of the program the applicant has applied to for review. As deans are busy people, this can take a few days, if not a week. To further bog down the process, Scoria has forbidden the deans from contacting applicants or their references, and so the deans don’t have a way to get clarification for any questions arising from the materials. Thus, on borderline or questionable applications, it can take the deans extra time to consider and make a decision regarding a candidate. However, to Scoria’s employees, they feel that Daily should be able to make a decision within 48 hours and constantly are asking for updates.

Finally, Daily’s IT department is having issues in the partnership as well. Scoria and Daily use different systems that don’t interface with each other. The administrators have been discussing options for solving the problem, such as adding new lines of code that should help one system drop data into the other system, having Daily upgrade and change its systems, having Scoria provide staff that enters the data into Daily’s system using remote access and Daily’s software licenses, and hiring more staff on Daily’s end to enter the data from Scoria. However, none of the solutions are that ideal to either party, and so the IT administrators are looking to the provost of Daily and the vice president at Scoria to come up with an amicable solution.

So far, this partnership is off to a rocky start, but it is early in the relationship and there is hope that the relationship can be saved.

What i really need is maybe like a small summary explaining the two different parties, talk about the power issue,what types of power does each party have, How are individuals reacting to their power or lack thereof?What types of influence techniques could be used to help in any of these situations to reach commitment by both parties? (i need it to be 1 page or a bit more if you want and double spaced)

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