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Cuyamaca College Hatchet Novel & Survival Tactics Paper

Cuyamaca College Hatchet Novel & Survival Tactics Paper

Question Description

To start off, in order to survive in the wilderness, Brian had to use physical strength to survive by building a shelter, learning how to hunt, and by swimming to get the emergency bag. First, Brian showed physical strength when he cut and carried branches to build and rebuild his lean-to shelter. The author describes, ” He jerked and dragged wood around until the wall was once more in place…” (151). This shows that Brian used his strength to carry heavy wood in order to create a shelter for protection. Also, Brian used physical skills to build a spear and bow and arrow for hunting. Brain thought, “With his bow, with an arrow fashioned by his own hands he had done food, and found a way to live” (119). What this means is that Brian used his physical capabilities to help him get food which is necessary for survival, and he felt proud of his abilities. Finally, Brian use his physical strength to swim to the plane and retrieve the emergency kit which ultimately saved him. The author states, ” This time he made and arrow out of his arms and used his legs to push-off the bottom of the raft”(164). This quote illustrates that since Brian knew how to swim, he was able to get what he needed out of the plane which enabled him to be rescued because of the emergency transponder in the kit. Clearly, Brian’s physical skills and strengths allowed him to survive alone in the wilderness after the plane crash.

In addition to his physical strengths, Brian also to his mental strength to survive after the plane crash by thinking of himself as a resource, figuring out how to make fire, and deciding to choose life. The key to Brian’s survival was his ability to think of himself as an important resource. Brain remembered his teacher, Mr Perpich saying, “You are your most valuable asset. Don’t forget that. You are the best thing you have” (47). By concentrating on this fact, Brian was able to stay positive throughout his ordeal and focus on survival. Another mental strength that Brian had was that he figured out how to make fire though trial and error. He thinks, “You have to have fuel,… and he had that. The bark was fuel. Oxygen-there had to be air” (85). This quote shows that Brian had the mental capacity to solve problems and reach his goals. Furthermore, Brian used his mental strength to fight depression and choose life. After a rescue plane flew over without seeing Brian, he got very depressed and wanted to die. When he woke up the next morning, he realized that “The plane passing changed him, the disappointment cut him down and made him new… he would not let death in again” (117). This clearly shows that Brian used his strong mind to help him survive. All in all, it is obvious that Brian had a strong mind which helped him survive by relying on himself. [عدل]

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