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DS 715 UW Milwaukee Class for The Cars Dataset Python OOP Project

DS 715 UW Milwaukee Class for The Cars Dataset Python OOP Project

Question Description

Part 1 – Create a class for the Cars dataset

At the bottom of part 1 is a code cell. This is where you write your class. First, read steps 1 and 2, then write your class.

Step 1 – Initialize the following 2 instance variables:

Notice, they are prefixed with the keyword self.

  • self.all_cars_by_make – make this a dictionary. Recall, dictionaries consist of keys and values. The keys in this dictionary will be car ‘makes’. The value of each key will be a single list of multiple dictionaries – with each dictionary containing the fields in step 2 for every model_id of that make.
  • self.all_cars_list – make this a list. This will be a list of lists. Each sub-list is for a distinct model_id, and contains the fields in step 2.

In the code cell at the bottom of part 1, we have defined the variables for you. But you must populate them (step 2).

Step 2 – Populate both containers (from step 1) with values for the following fields:

  • Model_year
  • Model_id
  • year
  • horsepower
  • highway_mpg
  • city_mpg
  • width
  • hybrid

Add logic for step 2 in the code cell below:

Notice, the class is already partially written to help guide your thinking.

Create 4 methods to accomplish tasks 1 – 4 below:

You will use these methods in part 3 to answer questions.

1. Find the number of model ID‘s for a given make.

  • Call this method “find_model_id
  • Argument: Make (string)
  • Return: 1 tuple of 2 elements –
    • Element 1: count of model IDs for a given Make
    • Element 2: list of model IDs for a given Make
  • Example method call: num_ids, chevy_model_ids = carsdata.find_model_id(“Chevrolet”)

2. Retrieve maximum horsepower for a list of model ids.

  • Call this method “find_max_horsepower
  • Argument: Model_ids (list)
  • Return: 1 tuple of 2 elements –
    • Element 1: max horsepower
    • Element 2: list of model ids that have the max horsepower
  • Example method call: chevy_hp, chevy_hp_models = carsdata.find_max_horsepower(chevy_model_ids)

3. Calculate the highest city-mpg to highway-mpg ratio for given Make.

  • Call this method “find_mpgratio
  • Argument: Make (string)
  • Return: 1 tuple of 2 elements –
    • Element 1: Maximum/highest city-to-highway mpg ratio for a given make
    • Element 2: list of model IDs that have the max ratio above
  • Example method call: chevy_mpg_ratio, chevy_mpg_models = carsdata.find_mpgratio(“Chevrolet”)
  • Note: make sure you convert both mpg (highway and city) to float before calculating.

4. Calculate the number of hybrid model ids for a given year.

  • Call this method “count_hybrid
  • Argument: Year (integer)
  • Return (1 value): Count of hybrid model_ids
  • Example method call: count_hybrid_2009 = carsdata.count_hybrid(2009)
  • Note: The Cars data has limited years.

Important notes

  • Add these methods to your class in the code cell from part 1.
  • For the purposes of this assignment, every method has the self parameter.
  • Do not be alarmed when you see text prefixed by ‘u’. This stands for unicode, which is the default string type in Python3. Strings meant to be human-readable should always be in unicode.
  • Make sure that your methods account for ties.
  • ?? After creating the class, first test it with the sample dataset (instantiate an object with ‘cars_truncated.json’).
  • ?? If everything works, then test it on the full dataset.

With regard to this assignment, try to avoid the following:

  • Any unnecessary iteration
  • Nested loops. Such as to loop through the entire all_cars_list for every model_id.
  • String manipulation (not needed here)
  • Creating excessive containers and assignment operations

Use your class and methods to answer the questions below.

1. How many Audi model_ids are in this dataset, and what are the models?

2. Which Audi model has the most horsepower? Use your second method to find this answer.

3. Find the model with the highest city-to-highway mpg for Chevrolet. Print the ratio and model(s) that have this ratio.

4. How many hybrid cars were produced in 2009? How many in 2011?

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