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Eastern Nazarene College Professional Business Communications Final Portfolio

Eastern Nazarene College Professional Business Communications Final Portfolio

Question Description

I need to have a self evaluation on how I have developed over the semester that must be two pages double spaced. Also need each essay cleaned up and made to look good. MOST IMPORTANT PART IS THE SELF REFLECTION since that is the only thing that is missing.

Here, upload your Final Portfolio. You can upload as many files as you need. Include five things, in this order:

your self-evaluation (a two-page statement about how you have grown as a professional this semester),

your cover letter,

your case study,

your white paper,

your proposal.

Each part of the final portfolio is worth the same number of points, including the self-evaluation. (Five documents, each worth 20% of the final portfolio grade.) Each part of the final portfolio is graded by the rubrics you have seen. Here is the rubric for the self-evaluation:

Full credit, 40 points. Self-evaluation insightfully evaluates your professional growth over the course of the semester, discussing your professional goals and how specific assignments in this class aided you in your professionalization.

Partial credit, 32 points. Self-evaluation realistically evaluates your professional growth over the course of the semester. May not incorporate detailed evidence about coursework or professional goals/identity.

No credit, 0 points. Self-evaluation may be limited to minor/unimportant information about document editing, or a vague/impractical statement of your professional goals and identity.

Here is the essay:

Final Portfolio

To Whom It May Concern,

I am happy to be applying for the Business Manager position at your company. I have extensive experience in the field of management, and I am excited to see a position within your firm that will allow me to apply my knowledge. This is especially important to me as a recent graduate because my classroom application of skills is only a limited reflection of real-life work. The complexity of businesses excites me, and I look forward to new learning opportunities that will push me beyond what I know today.

I want to be a manager because I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from analyzing and optimizing workplace organization. I also enjoy working with a team to build a product or a service that would otherwise not exist. My enjoyment in this field only surfaced as I was completing my bachelor’s degree. It inspired me to pursue a Master’s degree in business at University of North Florida. Throughout my education, I have participated in a variety of projects that required my full focus, leadership abilities, and business background. The results were learning experiences that I carry with me to this day. I believe that my problem-solving orientation and variation of soft skills will positively impact the productivity of your company.

My background also includes working at a dealership as a senior sales associate. There, I gained experience in recruiting, training, inventory management, and report generation. I proved my capability of working in a fast-paced environment as well as making good decisions in a short time span. I also developed a respect for teaching, which I have pursued to the extent where I am effective at sharing my knowledge with others. I intend to take full advantage of these skills while working with you.

Thank you for considering my application. My qualifications are strong, and you will find that we share similar values, making me a good fit for your company. I would appreciate meeting with you in person so I can further exemplify myself as a hard worker and qualified manager.


Nicholas D Turner

Zoom: Revolutionizing How People Work, Study, and Socialize

by Nicholas D Turner


In 2020, video conferencing is not new. The technology to connect with others via video over the internet has existed for decades. However, Zoom has quickly taken over the market, outperforming well-established companies such as Skype and Google Hangouts. The reason why is simple: the product is superior in both quality and reliability.

Zoom takes the video aspect of a video conference call seriously. The product is centered around providing optimal video and audio services no matter where in the world the meeting is taking place or how many people are participating. Its founder and CEO, Eric Yuan describes his drive to create Zoom was “to deliver happiness and bring teams together in a frictionless video environment” (Our Team, 2020). Zoom is a video-first company that resolved to maintain simplicity as a mere video conferencing platform. The result was a 30 million jump in the number of users from 2013 to 2015, all of which enjoyed the lack of video delay and a clearer image.

Going Back to Basics

Yuan’s initial idea for Zoom was not well received, however, due to the saturation of the market. His ideas were different, as he wanted to avoid becoming like Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking platforms and give businesses and universities the stable platform they needed for remote work and meetings.

From the beginning, Zoom has had the advantage of working in an environment of universal connectivity and high-speed internet connections. Unlike Skype, which had to rely on one-to-one communication due to slow internet speed, Zoom could focus directly on providing a product that would allow for many people to be on the same call at once without affecting the quality of the video. Zoom’s solution was to employ a centralized server that acted more or less like a telephone switchboard, allowing the number of users to climb into the hundreds without their clients experiencing any impact on the video’s quality.

When the company went public in 2019, it became hugely successful, experiencing a rise in its share price of 72% on its first day of trading. Now, the company is worth $35 million and serves major companies such as Uber, Walmart, and Samsung (Rogers, 2020).

Zoom’s Unprecedented Rise

However, the general public was unaware of Zoom and its benefits until 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Quarantine forced many people to work from home, causing businesses to rely on video-conferencing tools to maintain communication among workers. In an official statement, Zoom said, “During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working around-the-clock to ensure that hospitals, universities, schools, and other businesses across the world can stay connected and operational” (Rogers, 2020). The company quickly dominated with its client base rising by 1,900%. Along with it went Yuan’s earnings, making him into a multi-billion dollar individual and ranking in the upper half of the world’s 500 richest people (Rogers, 2020).

The success was not easy. As more people started to use the platform, more problems arose, specifically concerning privacy. Trolls started to interrupt meetings and classes to share graphic images and disrupt the proceedings. To combat this new phenomenon of “Zoom bombing,” the product now allows hosts to screen individuals before they are permitted into the meeting.

Still, even greater privacy issues are surfacing. In just a few weeks, the company did not plan for a pandemic that would incentivize the world to work, educate, and socialize from a distance. Thus, the company has been accused of leaking thousands of user emails as a result of not using proper encryption. In short, the company was simply unprepared for the surge of users that were to come in 2020. Yuan responded, “We recognize that we have fallen short of the community’s — and our own — privacy and security expectations. For that, I am deeply sorry, and I want to share what we are doing about it” (Rogers, 2020). The measures that he wished to share include consulting with more experts, growing a “bug-bounty program,” and updating people weekly on the changes and progress happening in the company.

Still, compared to other video conferencing platforms, Zoom was the best built to handle rapid growth. Zoom was created on a cloud-native strategy. It lacks any dependency on legacy technologies that are not compatible with the cloud. Other companies, such as Microsoft, are reliant on middleman architecture to connote to the cloud. However, this brings with it many limitations, particularly in regards to scaling the technology. Zoom, on the other hand, utilizes a distributed network, multimedia routing, multi-bitrate encoding, and quality of service application layer (Bratu, 2020)ff. These tactics promote Zoom’s main focus on optimizing the video and audio services for businesses, schools, universities, and other users.

Improving the Experience

Also, Zoom is continuously updating the customer’s experience. After meeting their expectations for video and audio quality, Zoom has been adding new features that facilitate its use while also improving the quality of meetings people are now engaging in all over the world. For example, Zoom gave more control to the host, installed a raised hand function, is equipped with a chat, and features a Q&A section specifically for questions. In 2019, 300 innovations were added to the platform (Bratu, 2020). Regarding customer experience, Zoom’s head of Gilbeal Services, Nick Chong, says, “We have a relentless focus on making the best product with the best user experience. This is ultimately what every customer wants. Toward this end, we spend much of our time listening to customers and fine-tuning our software to fit their needs” (Sloan, 2020). Therefore, it is no surprise to see they have a high recommendation rate and excellent reviews.


Zoom is an innovative platform that has taken over an old market space. Although they entered an already busy market, their dedication to their goal of optimizing video quality for video conferencing has pushed them to exceed already well-established competitors. Even in a time of uncertainty and insecurity, Zoom invested in future-forward methods that have resulted in the company’s sudden growth. Even as the world goes back to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom can still expect to perform well. The pandemic opened up the possibility of operating businesses and classes at a distance, and Zoom will be the number one choice to conduct those important endeavors.


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Women in Leadership Roles

Nicholas D Turner

University of North Florida

Women in Leadership Roles

In the current world, technological changes have had significant effects on the healthcare sector. One of these impacts entails changes in the managerial structure due to an increase in women assuming executive positions. However, a key concern revolves around the differential treatment accorded to women in these roles. Various studies have found that the healthcare sector has very few women in chief executive officer (CEO) positions, a factor that shows inequality. Apart from the few CEOs, the studies have also discovered unfair treatment directed towards women in the healthcare sector. Despite these drawbacks, the bottom line is that both men and women can enhance performance and bring valuable assets to an organization and its staff members with proper education and training. (Bismark et al,2015)

The surprising fact is that due to a high number of female nurses, most managers in healthcare settings are women. However, the situation will change as the number of male nurses increases, which means that more men will assume managerial positions in departments currently occupied by women. On another matter, women have been successful in healthcare management due to the benefits associated with their leadership. One of these benefits is that female leaders can be more empathetic due to their maternal nature, a factor that resonates with the medical field. Furthermore, female managers have a better understanding of the staff members since most employees in the healthcare sector are women due to the high number of female nurses. (Alwazzan, Angari,2020) The factor makes female leaders easily approachable in case of problems facing the employees in a medical facility. Another advantage of female leaders is that most of them use a charismatic or transformational leadership style. These styles inspire and motivate a unified focus towards achieving organizational objectives. Moreover, using charismatic or transformational leadership enhances cooperation since the leader focuses on intervention as a correctional method. Despite the effectiveness of the leadership styles, the leadership techniques pull back women from assuming higher administrative positions since most people argue that top managers should employ transactional leadership, a style that associates with most men.(Gonzalez et al,2017)

On the contrary, female leadership can be disadvantageous to an organization due to several factors. A significant drawback that affects female leadership revolves around their emotional nature. In this regard, the primary argument is that most female leaders allow emotions to cloud their judgment, a factor that might affect the organization. Additionally, most top managers do not choose women for higher positions due to the notion that women have a high relational adjustment. A high relational adjustment means that women consider others’ emotions while relaying messages, leading to indirect communication and a lack of clarity when conveying negative news (Herrera, 2017). In this regard, a common belief is that men tend to be more honest and direct in communication, thus leading to higher profits. Another factor that affects women’s leadership is family associations due to the notion that women need to have a better work-life balance. On this note, most companies understand that CEOs work for long hours, thus avoid offering women top positions since the need to maintain a work-life balance might affect a company’s performance. (Elias,2018)

In the current era, things have changed due to the formation of a social dynamic that understands the woman as a second income in the family. Therefore, more women are having to work, which is challenging due to demanding family roles. According to a study by Kalaitzi females attested to holding an unequal responsibility for home activities. Moreover, the research shows that only 0 to 3 percent of males reported family-related workforce withdrawal compared to 9-27 percent of females (Kalaitzi et al,2019). Due to such high family demands, most women in CEO positions forego having children or having a family to cater to career demands associated with the position. However, the unfair part is that most women in CEO positions earn less than their male counterparts despite considerable family sacrifices and excessive time at work.

Despite these drawbacks and family responsibilities, women can achieve the same amount of success accorded to men if given more opportunities. In this regard, women are naturally caring people, which means that female leadership treats staff members as a family extension. Treating employees as family entails ensuring fair practices in the organization and ensuring that every staff member attains the necessary task execution tools. Enhancing women’s success in leadership roles requires an organization to understand that women perform better in organizations that create a sense of purpose. From this perspective, creating a sense of meaning is essential for working women since it enhances satisfaction while away from home (Herrera, 2017). Therefore, an organization that creates meaning allows women to create positive energy and concentrate on core strengths, thus providing significance.

Additionally, female leadership is more likely to recognize job performance and offer positive feedback or a simple thank you. Appreciating staff members for exemplary performance enhances performance due to increased morale. Furthermore, women are good at picking up staff members’ emotions and intervening to find solutions, even if the activity will involve personal assistance. Moreover, women are better at multitasking, which is a core strength in management due to various processes and activities that require attention at once.

In conclusion, regardless of gender, managing a healthcare facility or a big corporation is not easy. Despite the challenges, women have managed to hold managerial positions in clinics, healthcare units, and medical facilities, which means that female leadership is a viable administrative option. In this regard, if adequately supported, women can be great leaders due to their caring nature. The factor is not always a disadvantage since the high emotional connection associated with female leadership is essential for developing great employees. The reason for this is since the appeal to emotions enhances performance since it helps reduce employee turnover caused by hostile work situations and negativity in the workplace. The reason for this is since staff members respond better to positivity and the formation of strong relationships with colleagues that enhance the work experience through the creation of collaborative practices.


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Elias E. (2018). Lessons learned from women in leadership positions. Work (Reading, Mass.), 59(2), 175–181.

Herrera, S. A. (2017). Exemplary leadership: A mixed-methods case study discovering how female chief executive officers create meaning (Order No. 10271696). Available from ProQuest Central. (1891739615). Retrieved from…

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Nicholas D Turner

University of North Florida



Situation Analysis

My research aims to solve the hiring and wage inequality problem in the United States. Wage inequality is the primary cause of the majority of economic challenges Americans face. This problem has led to harsh living conditions for minority races. The racial wealth gap is increasing rapidly, and this is can no longer be hidden. One may argue that income disparities do not influence the current American economic system; however, research shows otherwise (Sullivan, Meschede, Dietrich, & Shapiro, 2015). It is disconcerting how people are comfortable with the current level of inequality in employment. The current attitude is “inequality is an unnecessary evil.”

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