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ENGL 1301 Purdue Climate Change and The Effects on Living Organism Paper

ENGL 1301 Purdue Climate Change and The Effects on Living Organism Paper

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  1. (Note: Before submitting the final draft of the Module Two Essay, all students must complete the Topic Proposal Assignment, the Outline Assignment, and the Rough Draft.Format:
    • Typed, 12pt Times New Roman font, double-spaced with 1-inch margins all around
    • Your name, Professor’s name, ENGL 1301 for class, & Date
    • Student name and pg# as upper right HEADER
    • Title – at the very least, identify what you’re talking about, but try to be creative
    • Academic tone – avoid: 2nd person/the written “you”; slang, clichés/overused phrases; vague word choices (a lot, stuff, things) and absolutes (always, every, never, since the beginning of time)


    • 1200-1700 words (1200-word minimum)
    • Thesis/main argument underlined
    • Rhetorical writing strategies – transitions, topic sentences, warrants, examples, quotes etc.
    • Proper spelling and grammar (hint: use spell check and proofread before submission)
    • All quotes from the article must be cited in-text (often called parenthetical citation) and a properly formatted Works Cited page must be on a separate page at the end of the essay (this is not included as part of the required word count, and is additional.)

    Assignment Explanation:In your second essay, you will critically respond to an article. (This is the same article from the Topic Proposal and Outline Assignments in this Module – You may not switch articles without instructor permission and a very good reason). What critically responding means: you will examine, explain, and defend your personal reaction to the text. You will be asked to explore:

    • Why you like or dislike the text;
    • Whether you agree or disagree with the author;
    • The text’s purpose and audience; and
    • Critique (not criticize) the text for form and content.

    If you follow the outline pattern, proofread carefully for grammar and mechanical errors, your final draft of the essay should be simple. Continue to read the Tips/suggestions for questions to answer that will guide you as you write this essay. Remember: Do not forget the lessons learned in the last Module. Utilize proper 3-part essay structure by having an introduction with thesis, body paragraphs with topic sentences and examples (quotes), and a conclusion that ties the entire essay together and points back towards the original thesis. Tips/suggestions:

    • Be specific in your response & critique; use clear, concise, specific language.
    • Questions that you may consider when responding and critiquing the article:
      • What does the article have to do with you personally?
      • To what extent does the text agree or clash with your view of the world, and what you consider right and wrong?
      • How were your views and opinions challenged or changed by this article, if at all?
      • Who is the indented audience of the article, and does the article appear to effectively speak to them? (It may not, and that is all right as well, but make that clear.)
      • Does the article seek to teach the audience something, and/or what is the intended purpose of the article?
      • Did the author use language that was relatable to their audience, and did they present their information in a clear and concise way?
      • Does the author use appropriate support in their article by way of external quotes, examples, anecdotal evidence, statistics, or facts? How does this help or hurt the article?
      • Are there shortcomings, problems, or disagreements in the text that are not resolved?
      • Are there any aspects of the article that are praise-worthy?
      • How well did you enjoy the article, and do you have any final recommendations about the article?
    • Look at the outline format made available in Module Two .
    • Double-check MLA format on OWL at Purdue’s MLA page.
    • Before and after writing, go back to the essay directions and check to make sure your writing adheres to the requirements given.

    Grades: This assignment is worth 20% of your semester grade.Our Learning Outcomes for this assignment are:

    • Demonstrate knowledge of individual and collaborative writing process
    • Develop ideas with appropriate support and attribution;
    • Write in a style appropriate to audience and purpose;
    • Read, reflect, and respond critically to a variety of texts;
    • Use Edited American English in academic essays.

    Please contact me if you have any questions!

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