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Florida Atlantic University Importance of Branding & Service Marketing Paper

Florida Atlantic University Importance of Branding & Service Marketing Paper

Question Description


Kia – Respond with 100 words

According to Armstrong & Kotler (2021) the first decision in developing and marketing indivdual products and services, are attributes. Product quality is the level of consistancy the product or service will attribute to the consumer, as compared to competitors, with the same product or service. Features of a product will differeniate a product from other competitors, so the feature should attribute something unique.

Another important decision for products and serives, is branding. As stated in the text by Armstrong & Kotler (2021) branding aids in product quality and consistancy, and allows for consumers to identify with the product and serivice that benefits them. According to Merlin One (2019) Coca Cola continiues to rank high in signature brand value, with its recognizbale bold red and white logo. Coca Cola also create brand culture around Christmas with the Santa Clause, making it difficult other competitors. Coca Cola’s label and logos promote and reassure the American culture, which will retain a market segment for a long time.

Product line decisions allow companies like Coca Cola to have numerous related product lines, such as Classic Coke and Cherry Coke. This helps firms lengthen, fill, and stretch more items and push the line in different directions, to reach more segments (Armstrong & Kotler, 2021).

David – Respond with 100 words

According to the text book, there are five key decisions that marketers need to make are product attributes, branding, packaging, labeling, and product support services (Armstrong & Kotler, 2021). These are all connected in one way or another, so if one part is missing, it will affect the overall product.

Product attributes are the key features of the product intended for the customer and some of these attributes the consumer looks for is quality of product, style and design of the product as well as it’s features that may separate the similar product to another available on the market. This is what will overall seal the deal for the consumer.

Next, we have branding, packaging, and labeling and this is important because they all tie into each other as this is how the consumer identifies best with the product being sold whether it be by name, a symbol, a color, etc. For example, When I had to go get bug spray, specifically, Ortho Home Defense, it was on a shelf with many other bug sprays from Ortho as well as other companies with the same product. The branding can be iconic in some ways so you know what to look for and if not one of those stand out things, you know what the badging will have so it is easier to draw the eyes to in a mix of the same products. The “packaging is more than just a way of keeping product together. It is a sales tool and what is considered as “packaging” is really your closing sales tactic as the packaging is designed to stand out and catch your eye” (Borden, 2020). Labeling is important for many reasons other than it lets you know what it is. This can have warnings on it, directions for use, ingredients, and even things such as made with green in mind to let you know they are environmentally friendly which may make you purchase this product over a similar one. They all share many of the same qualities and are done for the same reason, but with out all three, this can hurt the overall sale and product.

Product support services is essentially customer service that comes with the product from the company, such as a 1-800 number you can call for any questions or issues with the product where you need to return or exchange it. A good example of this is JM Lexus. Lexus is still considered a tier 2 car brand when compared to the likes of BMW and Mercedes, so if someone has eighty thousand dollars to spend on a car, why not go with the 7 Series or S-Class? Simple, customer service at this dealership. When you purchase a car from Lexus in general especially JM Lexus, you’re provided with excellent customer service the duration of owning your Lexus whether that’s coming in for a car wash, a service, or a part pick up. While your car is being serviced, you can practice your golf swing on the roof. Need a ride or a loaner? No problem, they will do that. Even if you choose just to wait there for service, they treat you like royalty, not just when you’re buying a car. The customer service value to a customer can be all the difference in them getting a Lexus over a competitor. In fact, I know many people who have bought a Lexus just because of the customer service they received when they intended on getting a BMW or Mercedes.

Labor Relations

Mitchell – Respond with 150 words

Unions have a tough task ahead with some industries in upcoming collective bargaining due to the pandemic shining light that some positions aren’t needed or they can be done from home which would mean employers would try to reduce pay and benefits, this will lead to more tense negotiations because the workers will want to keep their salaries and benefits but the companies see a chance to reduce costs. USPS is coming up on this exact situation with their agreement ending this summer, although the pandemic didn’t move people to work from home it required people to be on the frontlines of the unknown while increasing workload due to online shopping; so the union is looking to add emergency wording into the contract to ensure if anything like this happens again the employees will be compensated accordingly. Furthermore, within the last year the company is drastically changing in order to become a self-sustaining entity rather than rely on government bail outs every year which will surely change what they’re looking to negotiate will all the different trade unions. This change in strategy has allowed the post office to be self-sustaining financially in 2020 which is the first time in over 10 years, the company will look to continue the progress moving forward in the summer negotiations. Although USPS is always in the news because its involvement with politics I believe that the rank and file are better off today because the company is getting traction in the financial aspect, this allows for the company to be sustainable and not worrying about privatization of handling mail ensuring the workers will have a stable job with good benefits.

Operation Decisions

Jessica Respond with 100 words

Baldrige is a public-private partnership that focuses on performance excellence. This program provides tools and criteria, education programs for all sorts of organizations, raises awareness for the importance of performance excellence, and also recognizes individuals who excel for performance excellence with the Presidential Award.

Baldrige’s highest level award is called, “The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.” This award focuses on five different areas which consist of; “product and process outcomes, customer outcomes, workforce outcomes, leadership and governance outcomes, financial and market outcomes.” This type of award does not reward just any product or service itself just because it’s a good product or service. It rewards a product or service because it ensures continued improvement in overall performance and that it ensures satisfaction to customers and stakeholders.

In order to be eligible for this reward your organization must be headquartered in the U.S, it has existed for at least one year, and the operation practices associated with all of its major organizational functions are available for examination in the U.S. Your organization also has to be part of the manufacturing, service, small business, education, health care, or nonprofit category.

Each year eighteen awards are given to different categories in the business world like education, health care, manufacturing, and service. If you have received an award in the previous years you can search on their Baldrige award recipients listing link that is provided on their website. In the year 2020 awards went to a small business called MESA, health care industry GBMC Healthcare, Wellstar Paulding Hospital, nonprofit AARP, and Elevations Credit Union.

Chelsea Respond with 100 wortds

The Baldrige performance excellence program is the nation’s only presidential award for performance excellence. It provides a large variety of products and services that have won awards, and one of them includes the Baldrige excellence framework. There are five key areas that the award does focus on. Product and process outcomes, customer outcomes, workforce outcomes, leadership and governance outcomes, and financial and market outcomes. The five key areas do not automattically make an organization receive the award. “

Organizations don’t receive the award for specific products or services. To receive the award, an organization must have a system that ensures continuous improvement in overall performance in delivering products and/or services, and provides an approach for satisfying and responding to customers and stakeholders.”(Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, 2021). Those that have received this award compared to others see many benefits, such as learning from the feedback they get through the application process, and role-model status and pride. Any organization can apply to for the award, and this award can actually give an organization an competitive advantage. There are eligibility conditions, such as if the organization is in the U.S. Another condition is if the organization has been exisiting for over a year. Bandrige not only has these conitions, but they are have seven criteria for perfromance excellence which are leadership, Strategy, customers, measurement, analysis, and knowledge management, workforce, operations; and results. For the reward to be granted to any organization, they want to make sure that the organization has been successful, and has a vision. The organzation needs to have a great firm foundation.

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