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Florida State University Fears of Older Adults Discussion

Florida State University Fears of Older Adults Discussion

Question Description

Critical Aging Lab #2: Issues of Older Adults, Minorities, and Death and Dying Lab:

This lab assignment has four (4) parts and should be submitted as one complete document in Canvas. Students must cite material from Hillier and Barrow textbook and the Handbook on Aging to ensure compliance with this Lab Assignment. This assignment is due Wednesday, December 9, 2020 by 11:59pm.

Using the Hillier and Barrow textbook and the Handbook on Aging, please address the following Parts of this Lab Assignment.

Part 1: Requires that you review Hillier and Barrow’s chapter 12 and Units 3, 5, 6 & 7 of the Handbook on Aging and submit a 3 page summary of chapter 12 regarding special issues of older people. Your summary of these chapters should highlight the following questions or prompts:

1. Please discuss what is the main focus of the chapter on “Special Problems” in Hillier and Barrow and address any other unique issues from the Handbook on Aging that effect elderly that are not outlined in Chapter 12 of Hillier and Barrow.

2. Summarize the seven (7) areas mentioned in this chapter by Hillier and Barrow and document how each of these seven (7) areas negatively impact older adults and their families. Compare these 7 areas to those you found from the Handbook on Aging and discuss how they are the same or differ.

3. Discuss the risk for older adults if these areas are not addressed in our society. Use the Handbook on Aging to identify three recommended strategies to reduce this risk for older adults.

Part 2: Requires that you submit a 3 page summary of chapter 13 women and ethnic issues and the Units 4, 5, 6 & 7 of the Handbook on Aging. Your summary of these chapters should highlight the following questions or prompts:

1. Please discuss what is the main focus of the chapter on “Women ad Ethnic Groups” in Hillier and Barrow and address any other unique issues of women and ethnic minorities discussed in the Handbook on Aging, specifically in Unit 4.

2. Summarize how the factors of: financial status, women baby boomers, single-hood, double standards and racism impact older adults. Please identify other factors not addressed in Hillier and Barrow but are addressed in the Handbook, preferably in Units 4, 5, 6, & 7.

3. Discuss how the various minority groups are uniquely and negatively impacted and are at risk in our society. Make sure you address at least 3 areas of risk for each minority group addressed in this chapter. Additionally, review the Handbook on aging and address any other risks not addressed by Hillier and Barrow.

Part 3: Requires that you create your own obituary that includes the basic or standard information such as: date of birth, date of death, background summary of life and relatives, picture, poems, order of services and officiating person, persons who will speak, acknowledgments, and company responsible for burial or cremation services. You are free to be creative as you like, These are basic elements of the obituary, you may add more as a reflection of your personality or what you want people to remember you as or by.

* A substitute assignment can be given for Part 3 of this assignment only. All other parts must be addressed as a part of this Lab Assignment.

Part 4: WIll require that you write your own version of “your living will or final wishes. You may discus a variety of wishes but be sure to outline where you would like to die and whom you wish to be with you and what comforts you would like to have before your expire? What would you liked to be dressed in and who would you like to be there and why? Who do you want to make medical decisions for you and will you have a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) or a Durable Power of Attorney? What kind of medical treatment would you want? How do you want people to treat you and what final things do you want your loved ones to know?

Although Part 3, relies on your own personal views and development, you must cite sources if you use materials, poems, or other information from other authors. In Parts 1-4, it is expected that you will cite sources and therefore meet the requirement of having the four (4) sources and references. Please do not assume that you do not need sources for this assignment. The bulk of this material is not common knowledge to you!

Please complete this as one document as Canvas does not allow for multiple uploads.

I have attached this Five Wishes source material for you to begin. However, you may wish to add other elements to your own document. Other useful resources can be found at the following locations:


Moments of Life:



This assignment is due Wednesday, December 9, 2020 by 11:59pm.

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