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Food Sustainability Initiatives Research Paper

Food Sustainability Initiatives Research Paper

Question Description

Submit your AP Rough Draft here by 11:59pm on Friday, May 22nd.

Drafts should:

  • be at least 1250 words (body of the essay only!)
  • rely on at least 5 outside sources (4 of which should be brand new for the AP; see the Prompt for Final Draft requirements!)
  • have an Annotated Bibliography/Works Cited page that explains each source and its usefulness to your argument (hint: see the “Sketching the Conversation” assignment for some of those insights.)

You will be assigned a Peer Review partner just after midnight on Sunday, and you will have until Tuesday, May 26th, to complete and submit your Workshop Letter.

MLA format


Food sustainability has been an issue of great issue concern across the globe and more sore in developing countries. Most of the developing countries have been on the run to strategise and define ways they can achieve continuous availability of food for their population. However, some of the approaches applied have not been of much significance as far as food security is concerned. This paper, therefore, aims to explore why some of these initiatives taken that has not been much effective as far as food sustainability is concerned.

Mass production of food.

One of the solutions that were adopted in the fight against food insecurity was to advocate for the mass production of food. This means that there was a need to create more space for agricultural use, and this lead to the clearing of forests to get space for agricultural production. In the process, a lot of environmental damages have been caused. Some of the consequences that have been incurred from land clearing include eutrophication and the depletion of biodiversity (Meyfroidt, 2018). Eutrophication has caused the growth of algal blooms, which are sometimes toxic to aquatic life. And some of the aquatic lives like the fish are sources of food. Moreover, loss of biodiversity has led to the extinction to some of the animal and plant species (Busari, 2015). The mass production of food has drained water, nutrients, land space, and even made others homeless and at the same time.

Use of fertilizers

Massive food production calls have advised the people to use fertilizers to achieve high crop yields, which indeed could be true, but the use of fertilizers has led to reduced land fertility, and some plants have also been damaged by fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers, for example, have the nitrogen, phosphorus, and the potassium need by plants for fast growth and proper yield (Busari, 2015). However, the nitrogen that is present in these types of fertilizers has been pointed out to be of great concern to the environment. For instance, it is known for causing soil acidity by lowering the soil pH (Ramankutty, 2018). Once the soil acidity is destroyed, fertility is also affected, and this means the soil cannot be of good use in the future. These fertilizers, therefore, have a problem of being effective for short term use, but they cannot be relied on to achieve a continuous flow of food products.


Since the above approaches to achieving food sustainability are biased in the sense that they are not environmentally friendly, there is every need to learn more about the environment and food production methods and find out some of the most effective techniques that will be both environmentally friendly, and at the same time, they help us achieve food sustainability. This is a big challenge, and therefore all food stakeholders should invest more in research to find out some of these other methods that allow us to achieve food security in a good environment.

It is important, therefore, that in as much as we need food in our households, it is equally important to understand the dangers that come to us if we fail to observe environmental conservation. The authorities should, therefore, not focus on food productivity at the detriments of the environment since this will even cause more problems than the problem that was being solved. Therefore the issue of food sustainability should not be substituted with another problem of environmental degradation in the process of solving it.


Ramankutty, N., Mehrabi, Z., Waha, K., Jarvis, L., Kremen, C., Herrero, M., & Rieseberg, L. H. (2018). Trends in global agricultural land use: implications for environmental health and f

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