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GOV 121 Wk3 Death Penalty Stop N Frisk & Price Elasticity Discussion

GOV 121 Wk3 Death Penalty Stop N Frisk & Price Elasticity Discussion

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Gov. 121

Reaction Paper Assignment


Chapter 5 in our class text, focuses on the Civil Liberties of American citizens.Civil Liberties are limits on government so that people can freely exercise their rights.

The 8th amendment protects every citizen from “cruel and unusual punishment.” In this Reaction paper I would like for you to state your opinion on the controversial issue of Capital Punishment.

-Should the death penalty be an option in the United States?

-Does the Death penalty violate the 8th Amendment?

-Yes or No?

-Why or Why Not?

Before you attempt to answer these questions, please read Chapter 5 to get a better understanding of what Civil Liberties are and the specific civil liberties that we enjoy.Then I would like you to watch the following Frontline documentary regarding the Death penalty. The link to this documentary is the following:

After reading the chapter and watching this documentary, you are to answer the questions mentioned above, regarding your feelings regarding the death penalty.Please feel free to use research beyond the text book regarding the death penalty and state if the documentary influenced your thoughts about capital punishment at all.Please refer to the Documentary in your paper to indicate which parts of the documentary impacted you the most.

Your reaction paper is to be anywhere between 3-5 pages.Please cite your sources (whether from inside or outside the book) using the APA or MLA format. If you have a need, please take advantage of the writing center on the 5th floor of Hudson Hall.

Good Luck

Dr. McWilliams

Second assignment

Do you think Stop N Frisk is a violation of the 4th Amendment? Yes or No and Why?

Is Stop N Frisk a good policy to deter crime? Yes or No and Why?

Please answer these question for the discussion thread?

third assignment

This week’s Discussion in Module 3 (DM3). Week 3


The following episode of “Simpsons” illustrates the elasticity of demand for elephants.

Your assignment this week:

1. Watch the above video and then find an article, a TV clip, a blog etc. on the internet that talks about the elasticity of a product. Give a summary of your article/video/blog and discuss how the content relates to the concept of elasticity. Make sure to explore only reputable blogs, newspapers etc. Cite your source. (You can look for articles on specific products e.g. illegal/legal drugs, luxury products, cars, food, ventilators etc.).

2. How has the concept of elasticity affected or influenced your buying decisions?

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