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HUS 221 MTC psychoactive substances and Substance Abuse Case Study

HUS 221 MTC psychoactive substances and Substance Abuse Case Study

Question Description

Please used the sample case study located below and flow the rubric. ALL BULLET POINTS ON THE RUBRIC MUST BE USED IN THE ESSAY. All items needed and code of ethics are listed below.

Case Study: Case Study #1A Fellow Student May be ImpairedAs a student in the Human Services Program at Midlands Technical College, you are highly motivated,intelligent and gets along with fellow students, faculty, and field instructor. Recently, a fellow student,Nick told you in confidence that he thought another student, Tangula, had a substance abuse problem.Because you were known to have worked for several years as a paraprofessional at a substance abusefacility, Nick felt that you were the best person to go to rather than a faculty member that he does notget a great vibe from (even stating he does not know if the faculty member is trust worthy). You askedNick how he had come to that conclusion. He stated that he noticed that Tangula had missed too manyclasses, often seems forgetful, doesn’t turn work in on time, misses meetings, doesn’t work in a groupproductively and is, in general, very “on edge”. Despite the fact that you are a student and not yet aprofessional human services practitioner, you still understand that students have a responsibility to liveup to the standards set forth by the Human Services Code of Ethics. You deliberate your obligations,responsibilities to the profession, to future clients of Tangula, the program, the school, and to Tangula.NOTE: Names have been changed to protect the innocent!Do not add to or take away from the case study.Case adapted from: Ethical Decisions of Social Work Practice, 8th Ed. (2009). Dolgoff, R. et al. Belmont,CA: Brooks/Cole Publishing.

1ST PAR-a. Document as much information as you can, highlighting the dynamics of what is going on. Be specific &objective about what you find out. Outline the facts and separate assumptions and suspicions.b. Ask yourself related questions that can help you process the depth of the problem. Critically think!Examples of the types of questions you might ask are:? Is it ethical, legal, professional or a clinical problem?? Is the problem a combination of more than one issue?? Does the issue relate to me, regarding what I am or am not doing?? Is the issue related to the constituent and/or their significant other & what they are/or are notdoing?? Is the issue related to agency/institute policies and procedures?c. Don’t always look for the simplistic solutions.

2ND-This section of your paper should have a large number of standards that you identify.? Refer to the codes of ethics to identify applicable standards that apply.? You are to write the standard number(s) and a description of the standard in your paper; and? You are to demonstrate that you understand the standard(s) implication(s) by stating how it applies

3RD-State the standard number & standard description, and the overall impact related to the case.? Discuss ALL moral principles: autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence, & justice of fidelity.? Decide which principles apply to the specific situation and how they apply to the specific situation.

4TH-You are to brainstorm as many possible courses of action as possible.? You are to be creative and you are to consider all options. Think outside of the box.? You can note each: Potential Course of Action #1, #2, #3, #4 and so forth.

5TH-Restate each potential course of action with the associated number (#1, #2, #3…) and description.? Clearly note & explain each potential course of action noting all benefits with going with that optionand all negative consequences with going with that option.? As you evaluate each option, you assess the potential consequences for all parties involved: theclient, the agency, the community, the HUS profession, and even yourself as the professional.

6TH-As the case worker, it is discussed in detail why you selected the course ofaction/actions that you decided upon. Thoroughly process this section.Consider if the course of action/actions raises any new ethical concerns/considerations?

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