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Irvine Valley Should Art & Theater Be Required in School Essay Outline

Irvine Valley Should Art & Theater Be Required in School Essay Outline

Question Description

Topic Should art and theater be required in school? Speeches must be 4-5 minutes long. Intermediate language

Everything you need to know: Speech Construction/Submission Instructions


1. Speeches must be 4-5 minutes long. Significantly shorter or longer will result in point deductions, so make sure to practice, and time yourself when you do, so there are no surprises!

2. Speeches should include sources from five testimonies/organizations. This can be a news source, a quotation from an expert on your topic, or anything similar. It’s important to have sources in your speech, because they confirm what you’re saying. It makes you look credible to the audience! Refer to the research page for details about sources: Why we need to use research in speeches, and how to find it!

3. Speeches should have three clear main points, that are each about a different part of your topic. An easy format to follow if you’re looking for one is talking about 1) What are the problems occurring in this topic? 2) What are the things that are causing those problems? and 3) How should we solve this issue?

4. Following along with the template, referenced below, is mandatory. It helps you stay on track, and to be a clear speaker.


    • In this class you’ll give five speeches total. The first three are practice speeches. These are worth fewer points, because it is truly about practice and refining your skills before you work on your final speeches. Peer evaluations and self evaluations are completed for practice speeches.
    • The last two speeches in this class are final speeches. Consider these your final exam: they are worth more points and are the culmination of all your hard work in this class! This is the time to show how much you’ve learned and how far you’ve come from your first practice speech. Peer evaluations and self evaluations are NOT completed for final speeches.

Ready to start working on your speech? Here we go!


1. Pick a topic from the topic submission list, found here: Speech Topic List

    • The topic list remains the same all semester – and you are welcome to use a topic of your choice! Just make sure it is approved by me first.

2. Fill out the full speech outline template, found here: Full Speech Template

For your first speech only:

3. Turn in that filled out template, so I can see that you’re on the right track, here: Speech #1 Rough Draft Turn-In.

4. Once approved by me, follow the below steps!


A. First, put your speech on notecards.

B. Speeches are NOT memorized in this class, but they are PRACTICED. This means that you are half-memorized, half-not. As your book talks about, eye contact is very important in public speaking, so you should not be glued to your cards the whole time you are speaking.

C. Practice, practice, practice! To make sure you land an “A” grade, I recommend reading through your speech, out loud, as if you were performing it to the camera, at least three or four times.


1. Film your speech as many times as you like, and pick the take that you like the best. Submit it through Canvas, just like you did for your tech check video. I know many of you do not have your own, quiet space to film a speech. If you need to sit in your car, or a bathroom, or any other unconventional space, that is perfectly okay, and no points will be deduced at all. Please note that you MUST caption the video. This is not just my own personal requirement, but rather a Federal Law regarding videos shown in class. I strongly recommend uploading your video through YouTube, unless you are familiar with another captioning service. YouTube does transcribe your video, however, it is not always accurate so you may have to edit the captions. YouTube provides a very useful article on captioning:…

Once captioned, submit your video here: Speech #1 Recording Turn-In.

    • To keep things consistent, speech recordings will always be due on Mondays.

2. Your speech will also be sent to four other students, who will provide feedback to you, anonymously. You will also be in charge of providing feedback for four other students’ speeches. Details regarding peer reviews can be found here: Peer Review Instructions. Peer review are only completed for practice speeches.

    • To keep things consistent, peer reviews will always be due on Thursdays.

3. Perhaps the most important part of speeches is self-evaluations. This is the last part of every speech you’ll do in this class. Very similar to your peer reviews, you’ll submit about a paragraph for each practice speech after you’ve submitted it, explaining what you thought you did well in your speech and what you can improve for your next one.

    • To keep things consistent, self evaluations will always be due on Thursdays.

Whew! That was a lot of info. Please message or text me with ANY questions you have.

PS: If you’d like to see how you’ll be graded, the rubric can be found here – Instructor Evaluation Rubric and is also at the bottom of your syllabus. An example rubric will be posted shortly!

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