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LBS 3860 California State Polytechnic University Pomona Social Science Question

LBS 3860 California State Polytechnic University Pomona Social Science Question

Question Description

Reading Guide


Primary or secondary source?

The author reports on and explains historical theories and discussions. Does this make this reading a primary or a secondary source?

Historical or contemporary source?

Was this text written in our era (roughly, second half of the 20th century/ 21th century) or is it from a different historical period?




The term is a compound of taxis (ancient Greek = order, arrangement) and nomos (ancient Greek = law), literally meaning ‘the laws according to which things are ordered’.

In systematics, taxonomy refers to the study of the general principles of scientific classification.

In classification, taxonomy refers to the orderly arrangement of plants and animals according to their presumed natural relationships.

Schiebinger uses the term in the second, more narrow sense. The article is about historical beliefs about the natural relationships of the human species to other animal species.


p. 11, 1st paragraph

Who was Carolus Linnaeus / Carl von Linné?

What is the term he introduced into zoological taxonomy in the 10th edition of his Systema Naturae?

What does the term literally mean?

What was the purpose/function of the term?


p. 12, 1st paragraph

A binomial name is a name consisting of two (bi-) names.

Generic refers to the genus to which an organism belongs to.

Specific refers to the species to which an organism belongs to.

For example,

Canis is a genus, or group, of dog-like species, with members such as wolves, dogs, coyotes, jackals, etc.

Lupus is the name for the members of the species wolf.

Canis lupus is the scientific name for wolf.

Latrans is the name for members of the species coyote.

Canis latrans is the scientific name for coyote, etc.

This system of scientific names, still in use, was introduced by Linnaeus.

p. 13, 1st full paragraph

‘Naturalists’ was the term for what we today would refer to as scientists.

‘Quadruped’ means ‘organism with four legs.

Why did it enrage naturalists when Linnaeus ranked humans among the quadrupeds?

What did Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, point out as problematic in regard to many species which Linnaeus included into the class of quadrupeds?

p. 13, 2nd full paragraph

What is the meaning of Pilosa?

p. 13, 3rd paragraph

Viviparous refers to ‘bring forth live young that have developed inside the body of the parent’, from vivus (Latin = alive) and parus (Latin = bearing).

Why are mammae (milk-secreting breasts) not a universal character of ‘mammals’?


p. 15, 1st full paragraph

Pilosa – those with hair

Aurecaviga – those with hollow ears / three ear bones

Lactentia – those who lactate

Sugentia – those who suckle


p. 15, 1st paragraph of section

We already saw the bare female breast embodied by the strident Marianne as the symbol of freedom during the French Revolution.

p. 15, 2nd paragraph

In response to which question did Linnaeus create the term Mammalia?

What does the female breast become an icon for?

As a break with what tradition could this be interpreted?

p. 15, 3rd paragraph

What is the other term that Linnaeus introduced in the same volume of his work?

What does the term literally mean?

What was its function?

How had ‘man’ been traditionally distinguished from animals?

p. 16, 1st and 2nd paragraphs

Linnaeus introduced the term mammalia and homo sapiens to relate the human species to the animal world. Each term has a distinct function. How does each term work in characterizing the relation of the human species to other animal species?


p. 21, 1st paragraph of section

Despite the Enlightenment credo that all “men” (humans) are equal, which segment of the population was not thought of as entitled to become fully enfranchised citizens or professionals?

p. 22

What is wet-nursing?

p. 22, bottom paragraph

According to Linnaeus, which laws do wet-nursing violate?

p. 23, top paragraph

According to Linnaeus, what should human mothers do with their mother’s milk?


p. 24, 1st paragraph of section

We will talk about the Great Chain of Being during our Zoom meeting.

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