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Liberty University Workplace Teamwork Question

Liberty University Workplace Teamwork Question

Question Description

Original Question:

  • What qualities make a good team member?
  • Why are team members vital for a law enforcement organization’s success ?

Please respond to each discussion post with 200 words EACH and 2 references EACH and a Christian point of view.

1)Teamwork is often defined as the cooperation between members of an organization that accomplish an objective. Further, it is generally understood that organizations that operate as a team are likely to perform better and achieve increased results (Irina, 2016). When members of an organization focus on pursuing the same goal and objectives, the entire organization operates more efficiently. As teams are vital to organizational success, team members must possess qualities that make them a good member (Irina, 2016).

The qualities that make a good team member are vast, depending on the team and the situation. Several qualities, however, seem to be constant. These qualities are a positive attitude, accountability, and commitment (Klaic et al., 2020). While the list might appear small, their qualities are essential for teams to succeed. Having a positive attitude is crucial in all aspects of life. Many describe this as the key to success (Klaic et al., 2020). Maintaining a positive attitude will likely lead to increased performance and generally more accepted by the other team members.

Accountability and commitment are similar in their application within a team. Team members must have accountability to themselves and to the team. This means recognizing their work performance levels and the levels of others (Klaic et al., 2020). Commitment comes with having the commitment to oneself to ensure success and ensure the team will succeed as well (Irina, 2016). For example, if a team member starts to fail at a task, the member must have the accountability to recognize it and ask for help. Further, the team member must also commit to improving themselves and their performance with that particular task, so the team is successful.

Law enforcement agencies operate as a team. This is evident when officers provide backup and patrol an area or assignment together. The basic structure of law enforcement is based on teamwork and Christian Values (Guardiano, 2014). The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, “Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone?” (King James Version, 1769/2017). Because law enforcement agencies operate with a reliance on mutual trust for the officer’s survival, members must also belong to and support the team (Guardiano, 2014).


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2) A simple answer to the question of what qualities makes a good team member would be positive qualities, but let’s get deeper into the question. What is a team? According to Ream & Xyrichis (2008) a team is a group of individuals collaborating in their professional work or in some enterprise of assignment, or a group of people organized to work together with a common aim (p. 234). A team member would be an individual on a team that is working towards a common goal. Qualities of a good team member are important to each member on the team and to the organization. To start with, team members must want to be part of the team, if they do not want to be on the team their attitude is going to show that and create issues within the team. For an individual to be a productive member of a team they must be willing to participate with the team, they must be willing to listen, give opinions, and be hands-on towards achieving goals. According to Bell & Kozlowski (2001) there are three primary topics that influence team effectiveness, they are coordination, cooperation, and communication (p. 37-38). If any of these three components are missing from a team, there is not team, there is just a group of individuals working in the same office.

Teamwork is very important in the law enforcement field; it is important in the entire criminal justice system. Law enforcement, the courts, and corrections must work together to make the criminal justice system work effectively and efficiently. Team members are what these departments are made of and they must each do their individual part to achieve the goal of the criminal justice system. In a law enforcement agency, some primary goals might be, the protection of the community, the protection of the officers, and a positive police community relationship. All members of the law enforcement agency must strive to achieve these common goals by working together. There are many units within a large law enforcement agency, without each team member doing their small part for the overall good of the agency, the agencies effectiveness at obtaining their goals will be below the expectations of the community. As stated by Mason (2020) team members are the backbone of a law enforcement agency (slide 3). Without any team members there is no one to accomplish the task needed to achieve the goals of the organization.

Team members are all throughout the Bible to include the first team member that God created. Genesis 2:18 states, “And the Lord God said, It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him” (New King James Bible, 1982/2006). God knew the need for team members to help with task and for companionship.


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