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MAN 575 Keiser University Week 5 Waiting Time Management Essay

MAN 575 Keiser University Week 5 Waiting Time Management Essay

Question Description

Read Chapter 18 and Answer the Critical Thinking Exercises,

questions 2 & 3 on pg. 816.

Then do the Big Bank case on pg. 820.

Use the format seen in the Sample_Case_Study_Analysis(1).doc

. Provide an introduction containing theoretical background of Waiting Times theory, empirical research of waiting time in application in the body, and a conclusion and include supporting peer reviewed journal articles.

In your case analysis, incorporate findings from other sources like well as in the online library within academic literature. You can find excellent scholarly articles to support your opinion in the online library’s LIRN ProQuest database. In graduate work these sources are extremely important to use!
Generally, these case study analyses will be between 4 to 6 pages long and APA formatted. Before you begin, please review the handouts on Case Study Analysis

— — — — —

I) Critical Thinking Exercises question 2 and 3. Page 816

2. Consider this situation: A manager is contemplating making changes to a single-server system that is expected to double the service rate, and still have just one server.

a. Would you (intuitively) think that doubling the service rate of a single-server system would cut the average waiting time in line in half?

b. For the sake of analysis, suppose the current system has an arrival rate of 8 customers per hour and a service rate of 10 customers per hour. If the service rate is doubled, what impact will that have on the average number waiting in line?

c. What are some managerial implications of your analysis?

3. There are certain instances where pooling of operations can be desirable. For example, a large factory may have two or more locations where mechanics can obtain special tools or equipment they occasionally need. The separate locations mean less travel time for workers, but sometimes there will be a waiting line at one location while servers are idle at another location. What factors should an analysis of this sort of situation take into account in deciding on whether to keep separate locations or pool servers and equipment at one central location?

II) Big Bank Case CasePage 820


The operations manager of a soon-to-open branch of a large bank is in the process of configuring teller operations. Currently some branches have a separate teller line for customers who have a single transaction, while other branches don’t have separate lines. The manager wants to avoid complaints about long waits that have been received at some branches. Because the demographics differ from location to location, a system that works at one branch won’t necessarily work at another. The manager has obtained data on processing times from the bank’s home office and is ready to explore different options for configuring operations. (Fortunately she has her textbook and CD from when she took an operations management course at a nearby university.) An average of 80 customers are processed during the noon hour. The average processing time for customers with a single transaction is 90 seconds, while the processing time for customers with multiple transactions is 4 minutes. Sixty percent of the customers are expected to have multiple transactions. One time that will get special attention is the noon hour on Friday. The plan is to have five tellers available. Under consideration are the following options: a. Have one waiting line and have the first person in line go to the next available teller. b. Have two waiting lines: one teller for customers who have a single transaction and four tellers who would handle customers who have multiple transactions. Questions If you were the manager, which option would you select? Why? Explain the disparity between the results for the two options. What assumptions did you make in your analysis?

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