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PSYC300 AMU Week 4 Psychological Measurement Discussion

PSYC300 AMU Week 4 Psychological Measurement Discussion

Question Description

The study of how ideas developed over time is a type of conceptual or psychological historical research.

  • Identify a key concept within the field of psychology and describe in detail the types of primary sources you could use to understand its history, explaining what each source might add to the study.
  • Then, explain why conducting rigorous historical research involves more than reading historical documents, taking notes, and organizing those notes.
  • Provide two examples to illustrate your point.…

Minimum 300 words answer.

Classmate #1:

Hello Class,

Welcome to the half way point of class! A key concept in psychology that I would personally research is leadership and learning. Leadership is something that we all strive for in extremely different ways. The types of primary sources that I would use to understand its history would be letters, sermons, census reports and diaries. Oral narrative, also known as narrative history research, can be utilized (Leedy & Ormrod, 2005). I would focus on chronological people of interest starting back in the ancient days. I would like to use the study to compare and contrast traits from then to now and how the psychological understanding of what makes a great leader is used. Letters would be helpful to study the ancient people of interest because there is no video or audio data on these people. Their letters would give us an insight on how they talked and acted. From there we could break down how their words differ from normal people around that time and see what makes them superior or well respected.

Conducting historical research involves more than reading historical documents, taking notes, and organizing those notes because there is more out there! Some historical documents and secondary data sources could potentially be bias and offer a different interpretation. Everything needs to be unbiased so that the reader can use actual facts to make their own assumption. Although historical documents would be the majority of the research results, religion and political standpoints could lead us to more answers. When conducting historical research, external and internal evidence needs to be used. External evidence would be the historical documents or artifacts. Internal evidence we could interview professionals in these respective fields to get their opinions and see what kind of facts they can bring to the table.


Leedy, P. & Ormrod, E. (2005). Practical research: Planning and design (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ. Pearson Prentice Hall.

Classmate #2:

The main concept in psychology that I chose is biological by studying the determinations of human and non-human behavior. Psychologists propose a variety of theories to explain to what extent biological factors primarily affect and to provide stronger clarification of economic and environmental factors.

The action of human beings is dynamic. Psychology tries to deconstruct the sophistication of psychological processes over time by examining learning, belief, perception, cognitive development, and emotion. Behavioral psychologists ask questions about mental and physical processes that relate to different traits. Biopsychologists examine your behavior concerning your nervous system, hormones, and genetic composition. You think the way you do this is because of the way your brain is constructed and the needs of your body. All your decisions are based on your environment. The biological approach aims at understanding the healthy brain, but it also explores the mind and body to see how biological beginnings develop. Behaviorism also believes in scientific methods ( example given: controlled experiments) and should only be studied as observable conduct, as it can be measured objectively. Behaviorism rejects the idea of free will and assumes that the world defines any behavior. Behaviorism is a scientific study of observable behavior based on the fact that attitude can be diminished to learn.

When it comes to biological factors, I will use primary sources like journals, autobiography, hands-on account research like interviews and details when studying biological and behavioral factors. Need to keep in mind that some resources that are primary and also be secondary which can lead to bias by the reader. One of the disadvantages of studying biological factors is that it reflects too much on the’ nature’ side of the debate between nature and nurture. It argues that hormones, neurotransmitters, and genetics cause behavior. One hypothesis is that schizophrenia is hereditary, but twin studies suggest that it is not necessarily innate, and the environment plays an important role. In doing so creates condition concepts and generalizes them to extend to all. The belief that humans are special is not taken into account. For example, the general adaptation theory assumes that everyone reacts to pressure in the same way, but does not take into consideration that some people have more support than others.

But the positive side is it is highly scientific because the experiments used are measurable, objective, and reliable. It is deterministic because it increases the likelihood of abnormal behavior in people and explains the causes of the behavior.

Minimum 200 words answer to each.

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