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Racial and Culture Discrimination from The United States Government Discussion

Racial and Culture Discrimination from The United States Government Discussion

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America in the World – Major Paper #1

Economics or Culture?

In a three-to-five page typewritten double-spaced paper using Times New Roman 12 point font with one-inch margins on all four sides.

Answer the following question: “Native Americans, Asian-Americans, and Hispanic-Americans have all faced discrimination from the United States government. Is the primary reason for this discrimination the white desire for economic gain or is it because Euro-Americans believed that these groups were not capable of assimilating into American society?

The best way to tackle such a question is to analyze the primary reason for discrimination for each group, then see if the answer is the same for all three. If so, your argument is clear and simple. But answers are not always simple. The whites may have discriminated against the groups for different reasons. In such a case your argument might be, “While the primary force behind discrimination was economics, the white persecution of C was somewhat different because whites believed this group was incapable of being assimilated.” If your argument looks like this, you would want to discuss the economic arguments in relation to groups A and B first, before describing the situation for group C. In any case, structure your paper around your answer to the main question.

Be sure to include all three groups in your analysis using at least three of the sources we have discussed in class. You do not need to cite PowerPoints, but if you use any of the written and video sources that I provided, you need to cite them both in-text and in a list of works cited. Be sure to use page numbers with your in-text citations (when they are available) and to alphabetize your list of works cited. (Do not factor in “a,” “an,” and “the” when alphabetizing.) This is not a research paper. You only need to use the materials listed below, all of which are related to this class. The one source we didn’t discuss is the video on Mexican-American deportations. You may find this piece particularly useful.

In-text Citation Works Cited Entry

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