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Richland Community How Should We Respond to Evil by Steven Paulikas HW

Richland Community How Should We Respond to Evil by Steven Paulikas HW

Question Description Essay based on this article.

First Paragraph: IntroductionIn the introduction, you should set up the topic of your essay in a way thatengages your reader. Since the essay is an analysis of a ethical/philosophicalquestion, your introduction should convey this; your introduction shouldcontain your thesis (if you are unsure of how to write a thesis, read this adviceon developing a thesis), should let the reader know the ethical/philosophicalquestion you intend to analyze, and should mention the article you are writingabout (the article related to the topic you choose).See this VERY helpful advice on how to write your intro/begin your essay.Second Paragraph: Summary of the article given with the topic you choseWhen you refer to an article, you should give the title, author, and publication.A summary should be a brief, objective overview (meaning no opinionated orevaluative comments) of the main ideas of the original. In the summaryparagraph, you should periodically use author tags to indicate that you aresummarizing, that you are conveying someone else’s views. So you should saythings such as, “According to Jane Doe…” or “The author points out that…”Also, in a summary, use transitions to convey to the reader the order of ideaspresented in the original, to connect the summary’s ideas and make it coherent,things like, “First, the author discusses the problem of….”, “Furthermore, headdresses the issue of….” “Doe concludes by pointing out that…”The summary should be written as such, meaning you are continuouslyreferring to the text and the author.A few more things about a summary: it should not contain quotations, it shouldbe only one paragraph, and it should accurately and succinctly give the mainideas of the original.Read this helpful advice on how to correctly summarize a text.Third Paragraph: A thorough discussion/explanation of the philosophicalquestion to be analyzed in the essayHere are some points you should address in this paragraph: How does the topic of the article you chose relate to this question? Why is this question of concern from a moral perspective? In other words,WHY is this specifically a MORAL question? Why does it matter how this question is answered? In other words, what isat stake in this question? Why do we care about it? Why is it important foreveryone, not only philosophers? What other philosophers have addressed the question? (only mentionthose you intend to discuss in your essay) What ethical/philosophicaltheories or positions might help us discuss this question? (also, onlymention those you intend to discuss in your essay)Body ParagraphsThe number of body paragraphs is your decision as the author, but eachparagraph should thoroughly discuss the ethical/philosophical question you areanalyzing. Possible ways to go about this: one or more paragraphs about howanother/other philosophers have answered/written about the topic yourquestion relates to; one or more paragraphs about a philosophical concept,problem, or theory that relates to this question and perhaps helps us look atthis question. Helpful tip: often, the articles given above as topics refer tophilosophers and/or philosophical theories or concepts. These might be goodplaces to start your research. Similarly, our text refers to philosophers andtheories that deal with many of the topics related to the questions on the list.You may also include a paragraph on your response to the question you areanalyzing, but the majority of content in your body paragraphs should be fromyour research.You must include research (incorporated through quotation, paraphrase, orboth) from at least 3 sources. One of these must be a philosophical journal inthe DCCCD databases) if you are not sure whether the journal you want to useIS a philosophical journal, google the title and you will be able to find adescription of the journal’s focus. Typically, you can tell by the title of thejournal, e.g., The Journal of Philosophy, Journal of the History of Philosophy,The Review of Metaphysics.Other allowed sources are below (any sources not listed here will not count): Our textbook for the course, Problems from Philosophy The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy The Internet Encyclopedia of PhilosophyIf you need help using the databases, you can get help in person in the libraryor online using the ‘Ask a Librarian’ tool. When incorporating sources into yourwork, they must be present so as to serve your position/argument/discussion.In other words, they should not be there just to be there; they should beincorporated AS part of the discussion/argument, in a meaningful, substantialway.ConclusionSince your essay is an analysis of an ethical/philosophical question, yourconclusion should effectively bring that discussion to a close. Avoid simplyrepeating yourself in the conclusion.See this VERY helpful advice on how to conclude your essay

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