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Safran Turney Stakeholder Analysis of a Health Medication Error Research Paper

Safran Turney Stakeholder Analysis of a Health Medication Error Research Paper

Question Description

You all are probably at least somewhat aware of the troubles plaguing the restaurant industry during the COVID-19 pandemic (Links to an external site.). Owners, chefs and staff are responding in all sorts of ways (Links to an external site.)to the constraints they are facing. And many industry experts think that the restaurant industry must necessarily change signficantly (Links to an external site.), as projected here in Philadelphia (Links to an external site.).

During the last few months, a group of restauranteurs called the Independent Restaurant Coalition (Links to an external site.)has worked with legislators to propose a piece of legislation known as the RESTAURANTS Act of 2020 (Links to an external site.) to establish a $120 billion fund to help independent restaurants—and their supply chains—stay afloat. You can read more about this inititative and how it’s being supported locally here (Links to an external site.). Moreover, a subgroup of independent restauranteurs in Philadelphia is petitioning city government for increased financial support. (Links to an external site.)

While restauranteurs are struggling to keep their businesses afloat during the pandemic, the plight of restaurant workers in Philly has garnered some media attention (Links to an external site.)as well. Philly restaurants have varied in how they’ve interpreted their legal obligations to their workers (Links to an external site.) these past few months. Some Philly restaurant workers who’ve been treated less favorably have been organizing within and across restaurants and demanding higher wages and better working conditions (Links to an external site.) from their employers.

One particular restaurant company in Philly that has publicly recounted some of their struggles (Links to an external site.) during the pandemic is Safran Turney Hospitality (Links to an external site.), the ownership group for restaurants such as Barbuzzo (Links to an external site.), Lolita (Links to an external site.), and Bud & Marilyn’s (Links to an external site.). Among the most successful restauranteurs in the city, Safran and Turney have faced a number of extra struggles of late due to some arguably poor decisions and management practices. Workers from the restaurant group have formed the Organized Collective of Concerned Employees of Safran Turney Hospitality, and last month presented owners with a letter requesting to return to their jobs based on a fair hiring system that includes better COVID pay and protection, more communication from management and the establishment of a human resources position (you can read about Safran Turney’s worker issues here (Links to an external site.), here (Links to an external site.), here (Links to an external site.)and here). (Links to an external site.)

As Philadelphia is set to resume indoor dining (Links to an external site.), albeit with rules limiting restaurant seating capacity, some restauranteurs are moderately optimistic (Links to an external site.) about this development, but it also creates more conflict for Philly restaurant workers (Links to an external site.). But, if a restauranteur can be innovative, prioritize safety, and think long-term (Links to an external site.)during the pandemic, perhaps restaurants can survive? Or even flourish (Links to an external site.)?

With the help of the articles linked above and those throughout the course thus far (as well as any others you want to use), you are to undertake a Stakeholder Analysis of Safran Turney Hospitality’s current situation that will lead you to offer recommendations as to how Safran and Turney should respond moving forward.

Write a 3 -5 page single spaced paper addressing the following questions:

1) Who are Safran Turney’s at least 3 most important stakeholders (explain why you included these and excluded others) in this particular situation, right now, and what are their stakes?

2) What are the types of capital (economic, human, symbolic, social, cultural, political) involved with each stakeholder? How might relationships among the various stakeholders affect these stakes?

3) What responsibilities (profit, social, ethical) does Safran Turney have to these various stakeholders in this situation, and why?

4) What specific strategic actions (involve, collaborate, monitor or defend) should Safran Turney take with each stakeholder?

Be specific, and fully explain how the action you recommend for each stakeholder will help to solve the current situation.

For ideas about how you might organize or structure your analysis, feel free to check out these exemplary stakeholder analysis submissions from other classes in previous semesters. Please keep in mind that the requirements for this assignment has changed, so these will not match the assignment above exactly, but provides an idea of structure and outline for your paper:

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