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SFC Week 7 Bottom Line in Professional Writing & Improves the Experience Essay

SFC Week 7 Bottom Line in Professional Writing & Improves the Experience Essay

Question Description

this one asks you to summarize your research on a topic central to professional writing and your careers–in this case, The Bottom Line. As you will discover if you don’t already know this term, the bottom line represents one of the most essential concepts in professional writing.

As you search for resources, you will find a large number promoted by many sources. One of your tasks here is to winnow those sources into the five (5) which you think are (1) the most useful and (2) support your claims as defined below.

For this assignment, you will create the following deliverables in one doc:

    • Three (3) paragraphs as directed below
    • One (1) bottom line on the bottom line (no pun intended; well, maybe a little one)
    • One (1) List of References (LOR) for your sources
    • To complete this assignment, you must:
        1. Research the bottom line online.
          Select the five (5) which you think are the most useful to professional writing.

          Here you are trying to determine where these sources overlap and how/if they differ. Consequently, your para will probably use a classification/division organizational pattern.

          Your summary will mirror our previous summary paras on PW concepts (e.g. As directed, researched the bottom line and selected five sources: X, Y, Z, A, B. Summarized my work here. As you can see, used in different areas from X to Y, but promotes same concept: Z. Regardless of who uses it, the bottom line is one of the most effective and efficient tools available for professional writing.

          As a SME (subject matter expert), I know what the you-attitude is, which means I DON’T need or want details; giving me such details also reveals that you don’t understand audience need and/or the you-attitude. Assume you are talking to your boss and that bosses usually want the bottom line, NOT detail.

          However, I am also looking for you to signal me that you know this term’s:
          1. Etymology (e.g. where this term comes from, who coined it, what area first used it).
          2. Alternatives names for this concept. As I indicated in the intro above, you will also find it defined as the you-perspective.
          Include that snippet as part of a body sentence to show me that you understand this term’s origins (e.g. Originating in the ice cream industry prior to WWII, as you know, the bottom line, often abbreviated as BLOT (Bottom Line on Top) and BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front), …); knowing such origins helps you understand a term’s utility and how to use it appropriately. For example, you should know the origins of the terms SNAFU, 4×4, or handshake (in IT).

        2. Summarize your research in one (1) well-written paragraph addressed to me that includes:

          1. Links to your five (5) sources formatted as those sources’ titles, NOT as their URLS.
          * Documents (1) without links or (2) with links formatted as URLs will lose one letter grade.

          2. Effective rhetorical strategies, such as:
          • Audience Awareness/You-attitude
          • Direct Address
          • Emphasis on Shared Goals, Perspectives, and Values
          • Goodwill Ending/Stress on benefits
          Remember you are talking to your boss here, but a boss who (1) knows about this proposal and (2) is receptive to your recs.

          3. Your conclusion stressing benefits.

        3. After your summary paragraph, include a second paragraph that relates what you learned in the process of researching and writing this assignment.
          This paragraph will feature items like your:
          • Rationale (e.g. why you chose the videos you chose)
          • Experiences (e.g. positive, negative, both)
          • Assessment of this assignment for you personally and professionally

        4. After that second paragraph, include a third in which you explain how the bottom line respects and enables audiences.
        5. After your third para, include a single sentence that summarizes the bottom line on bottom lines and uses this formula:
          BOTTOM LINE:

        6. After your bottom line sentence, include a correct and complete LOR (List of References) of all five (5) sources on the page AFTER your paras.
          * Documents not separating their paragraphs pages from their LORs with a page break will lose one letter grade.
          * Documents without LORs will fail this assignment.
        7. Format your doc using our class header style: LastnameFirstinitial_Name of Assignment (on the lefthand margin) and the pagination using the X of Y formula (on the righthand margin).
          If I were formatting my headers, I would do so like this model (assuming that my name aligns with the lefthand margin and my pagination with the right):

          SmithC_WE7 Page 2 of 2

          As I did here and have noted throughout the semester, you would underline your header and begin it on p. 2, NOT p. 1.
          * Docs without headers will lose one letter grade.

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