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Troy University Benchmarking, Baselining and Auditing Discussion

Troy University Benchmarking, Baselining and Auditing Discussion

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  • Bell Post 1 : Benchmarking, baselining, and auditing are all significant and can be used to determine how processes in an organization are operating if the intended or set objectives are being met in the organization. As an organization, I have mostly observed the management prefer benchmarking in their processes of functioning determination (Ballard & Tommelein, 2016). This organization I work in is involved in the packaging of wheat flour in which it faces excellent competition. Still, in the last couple of days, some new processes were introduced in operation, and significant improvement was noted. This process includes, for example, an additional workforce and the use of quality packing materials.Like many in its field, the organization needs to be at the top in what it does, and it is after a meeting was held to discuss the best approach to deal with the problems the organization was facing. This led the organization to send me as one of the key employees in the packaging process to a leading organization in wheat flour packaging to attend a monthly briefing of the organization and try to find out what makes this other organization prosper. This process includes comparing their processes and products to those of ours. The findings were as follows; comparing their employees and ours, they usually work in shifts avoiding boredom, which can lead to employees not being up to it in the duties assigned to them; secondly, their packaging machines and the technology involved is more advanced and up to date compared to the ones we use and lastly, to motivate their employees to work hard and yield significant profits they give gifts to those employees who perform well in let’s say something like the number of packets in a day or a week.Compared to our operations, these findings helped the organization improve its process significantly and reduced the margin of competition we as an organization faced. Benchmarking played a role that is not to be ignored in the organization’s achievement of Baldrige’s goals (Zhang & Gao, 2017). It helped better the relationship between employees and the management and improvement in the machines and technology used to far more reliable ones. This, in return, increased the production and reliability of the organization’s processes.ReferencesBallard, G., & Tommelein, I. (2016).Current process benchmark for the last planner system.Lean Construction Journal, 89, 57-89.Zhang, Q., & Gao, Y. (2017). Portfolio selection based on a benchmark process with dynamic value-at-risk constraints.Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 313, 440-447.
  • Diane BandowDiane Bandow

    Gerald – That is so cool, field trips are fun! You can learn so much from seeing their operations, to listening to them talk about what they do, and you get a good sense of employee attitudes – and I’m so glad it had a good outcome. It might also be an opportunity to develop camaraderie around the effort that was successful not only in process improvement, but in making the organization more competitive. Those are the building blocks for good morale, job satisfaction and commitment to the organization. You are right, this has so many small but important impacts in the organization – this is a great start. I hope leadership understands what a success this was so they can develop other activities and leverage this into a way to alleviate boardroom and improve morale. Any other thoughts?

    Richard Thaggard

    Benchmarking and auditing were a key theme throughout my 21-year Air Force career. As an Air Traffic Controller, and, later, an Air Traffic Control (ATC) leader, nearly all of my operational actions were based on benchmarks. As a leader, I could set my clock against a biennial audit, which examined every aspect of my operation, from administration to operational control of air traffic.ATC benchmarking is set for the entire Air Force by the Air Force Flight Standards Agency (AFFSA), based in Oklahoma City. The AFFSA staff comprises subject matter experts and career-field leaders. They work closely with counterparts from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure the Air Force’s ATC enterprise complies with all FAA standards. Benchmarks are revisited annually and are published for Major Commands (MAJCOMs) such as Pacific Air Forces or USAF Europe to administer and oversee.The biennial audits, referred to as Unit Effectiveness Inspections (UEI), are a culmination of a fluid, ongoing process between unit-level leaders and managers at the MAJCOMs. ATC leaders are expected to maintain a series of web-based checklists that are viewable in real-time by MAJCOM managers; the checklists cover every benchmarked item, ranging from administrative processes such as training records upkeep to operational tasks such as proper use of mandatory phraseology. The UEI audits may sound stressful, but if the unit checklists are maintained and clearly articulated, most of the audit has taken place prior to the arrival of the MAJCOM team. A solid checklist, articulating both successful benchmarks as well as challenges, will allow the audit team to focus on the challenges and offer suggestions rather than a more adversarial hunt for mistakes. I found it interesting that Summers (2018) states that audits should be a positive experience (p. 478). While I agree, I also look back on the two previous iterations of the UEI program and marvel at how intimidating they used to be. Before the UEI, the biennial ATC inspections revolved around published benchmarking but were not based on any fluid dialog between MAJCOM managers and unit-level leaders. Instead, units were merely expected to operate in accordance with the standards and to be ready for a white-glove inspection every two years. The inspections were often adversarial, and I saw leaders removed more than once after unsatisfactory results. The UEI system was a welcomed response to the previous methods. While it creates a scenario of a living, never-complete dialog and series of checklists, it effectively removes all guesswork and promotes year-round adherence to published benchmarks. Lastly, the Baldrige Criteria clearly do not apply in a military setting, but it seems that the UEI process is a close analog to Baldrige Criteria 4 in that both ask specific questions regarding data tracking as it relates to daily operations and overall performance.References:Summers, D. C. (2018). Quality (6th ed.). NY, NY: Pearson Education.

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