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Troy University Rocks and Minerals Discussion

Troy University Rocks and Minerals Discussion

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Rocks and Minerals Webquest

Directions: Answer the following questions in the Word document using the websites provided for each question.

Rock Cycle:

1.What are the three main types of rocks?

2.How does a sedimentary rock turn into a metamorphic rock?

3.How does an igneous rock turn into metamorphic rock?

4.How do metamorphic rocks change into sedimentary rocks?

5.How do igneous rocks change into sedimentary rocks?

6.What is the beginning of the rock cycle? The end?

View this Rock Cycle animation:…

7.Quick cooling forms many small what?

8.When you look at the desert monuments, what eroded away?

9.The microscopic view of sandstone contains what two components?

10.What two things are needed to run igneous rock into metamorphic rock?


11.List and define the 6 key characteristics that can help you identify rocks within three main classes.

Rock Identification Key:…

12.For igneous rock, when magma cools slowly the crystals…

13.For igneous rock, when magma cools quickly, the crystals…

14.Of the types of igneous rock formed underground, which one is most familiar?

15.When looking at sedimentary particle size, which material type has the largest particles and which has the smallest particles?

16.Which metamorphic rock forms under the highest temperature and highest pressure?

Mystery Rocks:…

17.How much of earth’s surface is made of sedimentary rock?

18.Give 4 examples of sediment that might eventually become sedimentary rock>

19.What caused the appearance in the sedimentary rock in picture B?

Mohs Scale:…

20. What is Mohs Scale used for?

21.What mineral is a 10 on Mohs Scale?

22. Give an example of mineral with a hardness of 7 (according to Mohs Scale).

23. If a mineral can scratch a penny, what number is it on Mohs Scale?


24. Sometimes the color and the streak of a mineral are very different. Which of the examples shows a difference between color and streak?

Sample Video:

Mount Nyiragongo is an active volcano in central Africa. Not much is known about how long the volcano has been erupting, but since 1882, it has erupted at least 34 times (onces every 4 years), including many periods where activity was continuous for years at a time, often in the form of a churning lava lake in the crater.

25. Watch the video. Would you get the sample? Why or why not?

the due time is on the 11:59pm ct time

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