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Tuskegee University Texas Lakes Community College Administrators Database

Tuskegee University Texas Lakes Community College Administrators Database

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I don’t know how to handle this Excel question and need guidance.

Further instructions in PDF link.

.create a database to store information about the administrators of Texas Lakes Community College and their departments For Project 17D, you will need the following files:Blank databasea17D_Administrators (Excel workbook)a17D_Departments (Excel workbook)You will save your database as:Lastname_Firstname_17D_College_Administrators

Start Access. In the Access opening screen, clickBlank database. In the Blank database dialog box, to theright of the File Name box, click Browse. In the File NewDatabase dialog box, navigate to your Access Chapter17 folder. In the File New Database dialog box, clickin the File name box, type Lastname_Firstname_17D_College_Administrators and then press . In the Blankdesktop database dialog box, click Create.a. Close the Navigation Pane. In the field names row,click in the text Click to Add, and then click ShortText. Type Title and then press .b. In the third field name box, click Short Text, typeLast Name and then press . In the fourth fieldname box, click Short Text, type First Name andthen press . Create the remaining fields shown inTable 1, pressing after the last field name. All ofthe data is typed on one line.Table 1DataTypeShortTextShortTextShortTextShortTextShortTextShortTextShortTextShortTextShort Text Short Text CurrencyFieldNameID Title LastNameFirstNameMiddleInitialAddress City State PostalCodePhoneNumberDepartmentIDSalaryc. If necessary, scroll to bring the first column intoview, and then click the ID field name. On theFields tab, in the Properties group, click Name &Caption. In the Name box, change ID to EmployeeID and then click OK. On the ribbon, in theFormatting group, click the Data Type arrow, andthen click Short Text.d. In the new record row, click in the Employee IDfield, type, ADM-9200 and press . In the Titlefield, type Vice President and press .Continue entering data in the fields shown in Table2, pressing or to move to the next field andto the next row.Table 2LastNameFirstNameMiddleInitialAddress City State PostalCodePhone Number Department ID SalaryShaffer Lonnie J 489 Ben Ave Austin TX 78734 (512) 555-6185 AS 123500e. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click Save. In theSave As dialog box, in the Table Name box, usingyour own name, replace the selected text by typingLastname Firstname 17D Administrators and thenclick OK.f. In the new record row, enter the data for two collegeadministrators shown in Table 3, pressing orto move from field to field and to the next row.Table 3EmployeeIDTitle LastNameFirstNameMiddleInitialAddress City State PostalCodePhoneNumberDepartmentIDSalaryADM-9201 AssociateVicePresidentHoltz Diann S 8416SpencerLnGeorgetown TX 78627 (512)555-1069AS 101524ADM-9202 Director,EnrollmentServicesFitchette Sean H 3245Deer TrlSpicewood TX 78669 (512)555-9012SS 45070g. Close your 17D Administrators table. On theExternal Data tab, in the Import & Link group, clickNew Data Source, click From File, and then clickExcel. In the Get External Data – Excel Spreadsheetdialog box, click Browse. In the File Open dialog box,navigate to your student data files, and then doubleclick the a17D_Administrators Excel file.h. Click the Append a copy of the records to thetable option button, and then click OK. In theImport Spreadsheet Wizard, click Next, and thenclick Finish. In the Get External Data – ExcelSpreadsheet dialog box, click Close.Chapter ReviewSkills Review: Project 17D College Administrators (continued)

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