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UC Los Angeles River Island Holdings Company vs Unilever PLC Comparative Essay

UC Los Angeles River Island Holdings Company vs Unilever PLC Comparative Essay

Question Description


Each part has a prescribed structure please follow the essay structure for each part.

The topic company must be a public limited company in the UK

There are 12 weeks of courseware in it, so be sure to read the combined courseware! Then there are three separate requirements, then follow part1, 2, and 3. Give me a total of three documents separately

Business assignment requirements

1. Do not exceed the specified word count ( part 1 1350 words, part 2 800 words , part 3 800 words)

2. Part 1 5 pages, Part 2 3 pages, Part 3 3 pages.

3. Every viewpoint must have an evidence and analyze on it

4. The entire article cannot be copied and quoted from any university, individual or student literature

5. 4.reference must use APA format


You are going to investigate two organisations. Your first organisation will be River Island Holdings Limited and you are going to choose the second organisation. Your second organisation has to be British registered organisation, different type in terms of the form of ownership and the industry/sector of the Economy. The forms of ownership are:

Sole Trader




Public Sector Organisation such as a Government Department, Council or Third Sector Organisation such as a Charity

Make sure you can find enough information on the second organisation in order to be able to answer the questions for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. This means that before you chose your second organisation you should complete your background research and find specific information that you could use to answer questions in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Resources on River Island Holdings Limited

(Always look at the date of your sources – understand if this is recent or older)

Fame Database (via the University Library) for Activities and overview (also includes details financial information much of which is outside the scope of your Case Study).

Companies House register: including recent annual accounts

Background information on the company: A useful overview, but check the source of any information you use from here.

Try searching for Senior Company officers on Linkedin.

News articles on the company:

Deadline for the choice of your second organisation is Sunday of Week 6 by 23:59 (submission on Bright Space under “Assessment”).

You should submit the legal name of the business, public or third sector organisation.

You should submit a list of sources that you found including references and full links to those sources (where appropriate).

You should include quotes or extract of pertinent information, which would help you to address the questions in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Students who are ambitious, strive to take pride in their work and achieve should prepare the above information in Week 4 or Week 5 in order to discuss their choice with tutor and get feedback. You are enoucraged to research more than one organisation which you might choose as your second organisation for your assignments.

Part 1

Justify your choice of the second organisation and how it meets the requirements of this assignment brief.

Outline the characteristics of an effective organisation that you have learnt in this module so far.

State clearly the aims, objectives and values of your chosen organisations. Why do you think they are different?

Explain the legal status of both organisations highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Discuss who owns and controls each organisation.

(K1, A1)

30 marks, approximately 1400 words

To be submitted by 23:59 on Sunday of Week 7 (on Brightspace)

Part 2

Outline the business activities /functions /departments /organisational structure of your two companies. What changes do you think will have occurred in the last 30 years, or since the organisation was set up, to the organisational structure. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of centralised and decentralised business decision making.

Do their structures seem appropriate given their operations and the general trends in managing a business in the present day? Could their structure and decision-making processes be improved, if so, how?

(K2, A2, A3)

25 marks, approximately 800 words

To be submitted by 23:59 on Sunday of Week 10 (on Bright Space) and a hard copy given to your tutor at the next class

Part 3

When organisations are considering their Aims/Objective and Values they need to take into account the wishes /expectations of various interested groups. Define all the various types of stakeholder/their expectations and what expressly the companies say in their Website/Annual Reports/Advertising and other documentation to show what it is doing to satisfy their requirements.

Please note that each organisation will have slightly different groups of stakeholders though many will be common (ie.the same).

(K3, K4, A4, A6)

25 marks, approximately 800 words

To be submitted by 23:59 on Sunday of Week 12 (on Bright Space) and a hard copy given to your tutor at the next class

Part 4: Group Presentation (in 2s/pairs)

You will be given materials to study independently as a part of flipped learning method of learning and assessment.

Choose an organisation from your home country which is not in the UK and produce a powerpoint presentation saying whether you believe the organisation or you could open a branch in the UK. Remember when evaluating the (re)location you should take into account appropriate aspects that you have studies such as:

The UK economy


Potential customers


Transport links and so on.

You should choose a specific location or locations in the UK and decide which option(s) would be best and why. You should evaluate qualitative and quantitative factors in the choice of location or relocation and your overall assessment.

(K5, A5)

20 marks, approximately 10 slides/ 600 words

Feedback on draft PowerPoint slides and presentation practice will be scheduled

Deadline for PowerPoint slides to be submitted on Bright Space is 23:59 on Sunday of Week 13.

To be presented in Week 13 (or Week 14 as notified)..

How to present your work:

  • Use headers and footers to show student ID numbers, unit title and use page numbering for your pages
  • Use size 12 font
  • Include a title
  • Include a bibliography (reference list) at the end (what sources have you used)
  • Submit it as a Microsoft Word document

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