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UCI Self Determination in The Social Movements of The 1960 S Discussion

UCI Self Determination in The Social Movements of The 1960 S Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a history project and need a sample draft to help me learn.


  1. Please write a six to seven-page paper. Make sure your pages are numbered at the bottom, right-hand corner.
  2. Address all sections in the essay prompt (see below).
  3. Have footnotes using Turabian/Chicago style or MLA citations.
  4. Include a Bibliography using Turabian/Chicago (the bibliography does NOT count as part of the 6 to 7-page requirement).
  5. You must use at least 3 outside sources (not including the main text, La Gente). The outside sources must be articles from peer-reviewed journals, books, or primary sources (see below for details).
  6. Please use the following format: typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12, and with one-inch margin paper.
  7. Be sure your name and paper title appear on the first page.
  8. Every paragraph, with the exception of the introduction and conclusion, should have one quotation or citation to support your argument.
  9. Be careful not to overquote, limit one or two short quotes per paragraph. You will be penalized for having too many quotes. Nobody wants to read a paper full of quotes.
  10. Length of a paragraph should be approximately half a page, double-spaced. Remember new topic, new paragraph.
  11. Have a topic sentence for every paragraph. A topic sentence informs the reader what you will be addressing in the paragraph.

You must have at least one citation per paragraph with the exception of the introduction and conclusion. Place quotation marks when using direct wording from book. When using information or ideas from a source, you must also cite it. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism.

Primary sources are documents or evidence that provide a window onto contemporary thoughts, attitudes, policies, etc. related to your topic. Though biased and informed by opinion, primary sources are treated as pieces of evidence that reflect beliefs or trends in the larger society. Examples include:

Government documents (congressional reports, county and city reports)

Published Oral Histories, Memoirs, and Interviews

Fiction and Non-fiction Literature/Poetry/Autobiographies/Memoirs

Legal Records (court cases, testimony,

laws, Films, Songs, Theater Performances, Scripts, and Photographs Newspaper or newsmagazine articles

In analyzing your sources, you are not simply describing or summarizing the source. An analysis is a critical “reading” of the source in question. Your task is to focus on the significant points or overall argument of the primary source and to discuss its significance in a broader historical and/or contemporary context.

Secondary source: These sources are books or peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals. Secondary sources provide a historical synopsis and details the broader political, social, economic, and/or cultural developments shaping your subject matter.

Internet use: Using a random website from which to gather information does not count as a primary source, unless it is a site where a full-text primary source material is found, for example, the Los Angeles Times (free via the electronic databases). Be sure to cite the source (not the url) properly.

Essay Prompt:

Lorena V. Márquez, in La Gente: Struggles for Empowerment and Community Self-Determination in Sacramento, argues that the Chicana/o movement was not limited to a handful of charismatic leaders or organizations. It also encouraged those that were the most marginalized—the working poor, immigrants and/or undocumented, and the undereducated—to fight for their rights on the premise that they, too, were contributing and deserving members of society. In their efforts to be self-determined, la gente (the people) contested multiple forms of oppression at school, at work sites, and in their communities.

They were not alone in their struggle. The concept of self-determination was widely circulated as an empowering tool during the social movements of the 1960s. Self-determination meant taking control of one’s destiny through different means, in a time when folks of color were largely rendered “inferior” subjects of the state and unable to determine their own fates. In an essay, explain how self-determination efforts played out by

  1. Describing two movements (same time period), one must be a segment of the Chicana/o Movement
  2. Differences/similarities
  3. Lessons learned: What were some possible shortcomings of the movements?
  4. Moving forward: What advice would you provide to future movement leaders?

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