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University of Jaffna How to be a Successful Salesperson Discussion

University of Jaffna How to be a Successful Salesperson Discussion

Question Description

Exercise Content

  1. Case 1 –The Thompson CompanyBefore making a cold call on the Thompson Company, you did some research on the account. Barbara Thompson is both president and chief purchasing officer. In this dual capacity, she often is so rushed that she is impatient with salespeople. She is known for her habit of quickly turning down the salesperson and shutting off the discussion by turning and walking away. In looking over Thompson’s operation, you notice that the inefficient metal shelving she uses in her warehouse is starting to collapse. Warehouse employees have attempted to remedy the situation by building wooden shelves and reinforcing the weakened metal shelves with lumber. They also have begun stacking boxes on the floor, requiring much more space.You recognize the importance of getting off to a fast start with Thompson. You must capture her attention and interest quickly or she may not talk with you.

  2. Questions;
    Which of the following attention-getters would you choose and why?

    1. Ms. Thompson, I’d like to show you how Hercules shelving can save you both time and money.
    2. Ms. Thompson, can you spare a few minutes of your time to talk about new shelving for your warehouse?
    3. Ms. Thompson, how would you like to double your storage space?

    Case 2 –The Copy CorporationAssume you are contacting the purchasing agent for office supplies of a large chain of retail department stores. After hearing that the company is opening 10 new stores, you determine that they will need a copier for each store. Three months earlier, you had sold this purchasing agent a lease agreement on two large machines. The buyer wanted to try your machines in the company’s new stores. If they liked them, you would get the account. Unknown to you, one of the machines was broken, which caused the purchasing agent to be pressured by a store manager to replace it immediately. As you walk into the purchasing agent’s office, you say:Salesperson: I understand you are opening 10 new stores in the next six months.Buyer: I don’t know who told you, but you seem to know!Salesperson: If you’ll let me know when you want a copier at each store, I’ll arrange for it to be there.Buyer: Look, I don’t want any more of your lousy copiers! When the leases expire, I want you here to pick them up, or I’ll throw them out in the street! I’ve got a meeting now. I want to see you in three months.

    1. Describe this situation, commenting on what the salesperson did correctly and incorrectly.
    2. Develop another approach the salesperson could use to uncover the problems experienced by the purchasing agent.

    Case 3 –Dumping Inventory: Should This Be Part of Your Presentation?Ron Kapra is sales manager at Electra Toy Company, a retail toy store specializing in electronic games. Ron’s brother-in-law Jerry works for the company that manufactures the Lasertron electronic game. Jerry mentioned to Ron that the company is coming out with the Lasertron II in three months. However, it will not be announced to retailers for another two months.Lasertron II will have advanced technology over the present model. The new game cartridges will not be compatible with Lasertron I. Once Lasertron II comes on the market, consumers will want it and not the present model. Jerry explains that for any of the present models the retailer returns after the introduction of Lasertron II, the manufacturer will refund to the retailer the retailer’s original cost of Lasertron I.The Way to Make Extra SalesKapra has decided to run a special sale offering 20 percent off the regular price of Lasertron I. With 1,000 cases in stock, Ron wants to sell as many of the present model as possible to his customers. Then when the new model comes out, the same customers will come in and purchase Lasertron II. This will greatly increase sales, Ron feels.Salesperson Is UnsureBill Corrington has been a top salesperson with Electra Toy for about two years. Although excited about the new model, Bill questions Ron’s idea. Bill feels his customers trust him. If he sold them Lasertron now and the new model came out in a few months, customers would be upset with him. Bill feels this is no way to treat customers. However, Ron sees nothing wrong. “The loss of a few customers will be offset by the increase in sales,” says Ron.

    1. What are the ethical considerations, if any, in this case?
    2. At what level of moral development are Ron and Bill operating in this business situation? Explain your answers.
    3. What would you do if your were Ron?
    4. What would you do if you were Bill?

    Essay Question #4 –
    After reading Chapter 16, answer the following:
    As a future salesperson, what characteristics would enable you to be most successful? Which characteristics do you have or not have?
    Use APA 7 Format and list your references if any

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