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Williams Baptist College Physical Science & Electron of Mass Exercises

Williams Baptist College Physical Science & Electron of Mass Exercises

Question Description

1-The human eye can detect as little as 10?18 J of energy in the form of light. Remember that visible light is electromagnetic radiation, and EM radiation with a wavelength of 555 nm is perceived as yellow light. According to the quantum theory of light, the energy of a single photon is ?? = h?? where h = 6.626 × 10?34 J?s (this is the “Planck constant” given in class).

2-Find the de Broglie wavelength an electron of mass 9.1 × 10?31 kg moving with a speed 1.0 × 107 m/s. Recall from class that the wavelength of a particle is


3-Find the de Broglie wavelength of a 46.0 g golf ball whose speed is 30.0

m/s. If you recall from our study of waves, the wavelength gives you a sense of the size of objects that the wave will interact with through diffraction, and the scale at which wave refraction and interference effects will become noticeable. Thus, you should find that a golf ball may be “wavy” but it won’t be at all obvious at everyday scales.

4-The average frequency of the light emitted by a 100.0-W lightbulb is

5.5 × 1014 Hz. How many photons does the lightbulb emit during a time of one second? Remember that the watt is a unit of power, which we studied earlier in the course. You should be able to determine the total energy used by the light bulb during one second, as well as the average energy of one photon of the given frequency. Then you can determine how many photons would be involved.

5-An electrically neutral chlorine atom has 17 electrons orbiting the nucleus. One of the stable isotopes of this element has 18 neutrons in the nucleus. What is the atomic mass number of this isotope?

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